The Music Case Reward Program

Check out what you can earn by using For every action you take, points are added to your account awarding your with permanent discounts and more!

How do i earn points?
Register: 400 points.

Send a Tweet: 150 points.

Share on Facebook: 100 points.

Purchase: 40 points.

Use Wishlists: 50 points.

Login per day: 10 points for each time you come back

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How can i use my points? 

Points Earned Reward
600 pts 5% for all future purchases. You can reach your first 600 points simply by registering and sending a tweet!
3,800 pts 20% for all future purchases
9,000 pts 35% for all future purchases
12,000 pts Free Music Supervisor. We simply do the search for you!


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