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Burning Hearts

by kubed
Fun and uplifting Electro-House track with catchy synths, driving synth-bass and modern club beats. Dancing and positive mood, this track could work great for sports highlights videos, aerobic & workout routines, mobile applications and youth oriented promos.

Path Of Glory

by kubed
Dramatic Hip-Hop track that evokes a sense of suspense, tension and emotions. It features cello, violin, pizzicato strings, bass, female vocal choir and modern hip-hop beats. It could work great in tv productions, sports highlights videos and reality shows.

Left In The Dark

by kubed
Percussion driven track, setting an anticipatory and intense mood. Dark fx and pads mixed with toms and timpani percussions creating a dark and nail-biting atmosphere. It can work well in shows like CSI, NCIS, Pawn Stars, Ink Masters and also atmospheric thriller movies.

Last Hour

by kubed
A dark, anticipatory, percussion driven instrumental track with lot of tension and edgy fx sounds. Atmospheric and mysterious mood that could work perfectly in psychological thrillers, crime fiction tv shows and time-ticking reality tv

Dark Planet

by kubed
Dark, creepy track with sound effects, atmospheric pads, drones and big percussion hits. Eerie and unfriendly mood, danger is in the air. It can work well as a soundtrack for Sci-Fi, horror movies and tv shows about aliens, ghost stories, serial killers, crime investigation or paranormal activity.

Terra Nova

by kubed
Ambient,New Age track.Peaceful and calming atmosphere.Features dreamy pads,flute and percussions.The slow,hypnotic groove sets the listener in a mind-travelling state.

Yellow Leaves

by kubed
New Age, ambient track featuring flute, percussions and string pads. Serene and peaceful atmosphere that can work well for therapeutical, pharmaceutical, spa centers, sleeping bed, luxurious hotel commercials.

Hide And Seek

by kubed
Soft and light mid-tempo electronic track.The synth-bells and the beat are driving this track.Strings add a slightly dramatic touch to the overall optimistic mood.Quirky and playful sounds.


by kubed
Suspendful and slightly dark electronic track.Driving synth-bass,rich,percussive beats and mysterious synth stabs set an anticipatory mood.Something wicked is about to happen


by kubed
Liquid Drum n' Bass track with great piano parts,synth-pads and strong drums.Fast paced track with great energy and uplifting mood.

Night Drive

by kubed
Sophisticated downtempo track with mellow electric guitars,smooth background synths & keys and cool percussive beats.Elegant and melodic,it's a laid-back track with a soft,lush sound.


by kubed
Very fast paced Drum n' Bass track with great energy and aggressive synths. Strong drums and electro synth-bass create a powerful, driving sound. Edgy and modern production values.


by kubed
Drum n' Bass track featuring trumpets, distorted synths, deep sub bass sounds and fast DnB beats. Catchy trumpet riffs combined with acoustic, double bass and fast-paced beats, create an energetic and elegant sound. It can work well as soundtrack for action, car chase scenes or sports highlights.

Under The Sun

by kubed
Mid-tempo,breakbeat-ish tune with interesting instumentation.Features vocal chants,flute,groovy percussions,samba elements,electric guitar and exotic strings.It has a mysterious and slightly dark atmosphere but the groove gives it a more sophisticated and hopeful touch.
Yann Keerim