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Cinematic Action Underscore

Epic hybrid orchestral track, starting dangerous, alarming, deep and big, with arpeggiated/pulsing and percusive synths supporting the rhythmic section in the style of modern blockbuster composers. A calm anticipating and suspenseful section in the middle where percussions play. It builds with cresc...

Flaunting Safety Underscore

Modern drama tension cue. Pulsing synths and arpeggiators, reversed instruments, acoustic and electric guitars give edge to this strange feeling track. Perfect as action, tension and suspense underscore with a dark mood. Full version, underscore available.

Heavy Tension Underscore

Modern drama tension cue. Pulsing synths, arpeggiators, strings and aggressive french horns with obsessive percussions give edge to this strange feeling track. Perfect as action, tension and suspense underscore with a dark mood. Underscore also available.

At the Circus Underscore

3/4 funny waltz, pizzicato strings, quirky and upbeat track, ideal for kid shows, circus, to support fun scenes, comedy, dramedy and great for certain types of commercials also. Featuring pizzicato strings, staccato winds and brass, xylophone and slide whistle. Various edits available.

Happy Shopping (Underscore version)

Joyful, upbeat and moderately excited pop / funk track, available with or without whistling melody. Suitable for bright, colorful, 'good news' type media, commercials / advertising, youth and teens, special events, etc.

Infiltration (Underscore version)

Orchestral strings and electronics, a strong sense of stealth mission, sneaking, spying. James Bond inspired spy theme and rock drums join in at 01:48.

Possibilities (Underscore version)

Uplifting feel good pop track track led by piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy acoustic guitar and melodic chilled basslines give this track a friendly and feelgood sound. Happy and uncomplicated.

Always With You (Underscore version)

An ambient, chilled electronic track featuring reverby synths and emotional piano, and retro electronic drums.

I Want You Back (Underscore version)

Upbeat, driving electronic pop track. Energetic driving drums, and warm analog bass, dreamy pads and uplifting melodic synth hooks.

Bloom (Underscore version)

Driving electro pop track. Uplifting synth chords and catchy melodic hooks over a driving beat.

New Science (Underscore version)

A moderately relaxed electronica / pop track. Chilled reverby pads with summery uplifting synths and a laid back driving beat. Dreamy and summery, chilled out shimmery mood. Feelgood music.

I See You (Underscore version)

Chilled, but refreshing and energizing electronic track. Optimistic dreamy pads and thick analogue synths give this track a rich, lush texture.

Elements (Underscore version)

Positive and laid back electro pop track. Slightly retro feel, emotional and full of reverb, this track has uplifitng synth hooks over dreamy pads and thick bass.

Make Amends (Underscore version)

Laid back synthpop track. Reverby claps, dreamlike synths and retro bass over a driving minimal beat, with uplifting euphoric chords.

Stay With Me (Underscore version)

Emotional feel good acoustic track, with uplifting piano and catchy acoustic guitar melodies.

Reflections (Underscore version)

Chilled out electronic pop track. Retro synths and shimmery pads over a grooving beat. Catchy spacelike synth hooks give this track an uplifting and emotional feel.

Rise Above (Underscore version)

Emotional electronic pop track. Emotional piano over big analog bass and a driving electro beat. Catchy synths sit over euphoric shimmery pads.

Well Meet Again (Underscore version)

Driving upbeat electro pop track. Big synth bass and catchy synth hooks over a driving beat. Analog sounds give this track a retro electronic feel.

Gliding Waves (Underscore version)

Retro synths, dreamy pads and spacious synth melodies give this track a dream like feel.

Crystal Lake (Underscore version)

Driving, upbeat electronic pop track. Thick analogue bass and retro beats give this relaxed electronic track an uplifting feel.

Good Morning Bossa (Underscore version)

Light and easy-going jazz with a slight bossa nova / latin jazz lounge feel. Classic jazz trio sound with acoustic piano, electric jazz guitar, upright bass and jazz drums. Happy and relaxed, feelgood, traditional jazz sound.
Yann Keerim