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Startup My Device Sfx

Elegant outro / intro digital sound logo for device closing down / starting up, operating system shut down / startup, closing / launching an app, a user interface or software. It has a rather sad and warm mood. It's an electronic audio clip - i used a synthesizer.

Application Closing Arpeggio

Elegant outro / intro arpeggio for device closing down / starting up, operating system shut down / startup, closing / launching an app or some fancy logic game, an interface or software.

Device Shutdown Sound

Digital sound logo suitable for device shut down / startup, power down / power up, software closing.

Free Ride

Building from a deep, visceral bassline & solid driving rhythm into a kalidascope of colourful swooping layers, this long, rolling, almost hypnotic workout is the perfect accompaniment for freedom, movement & discovery tinged with mystery & excitement. At nearly 5 minutes in length, it can be used ...

Grace and Harmony

A darting soprano voice is offset by bursts of percussion and sweeping passages of hope, beauty & elegance in this modern, dramatic theme. A contemporary feel makes this suitable for cutting edge drama, title sequences or documentary narrative such as green issues or science & technology. Similar i...

My Brilliant Life

A bright, modern energetic theme that builds from subtle beginnings into a glorious celebration of life. This life affirming tune would make a suitable bed for a TV or radio ad featuring consumer technology or environmental/Green issues with a positive outcome of uplifting discovery & ambition. The ...


Brooding, distorted guitar riffs floats above a smouldering dystopian landscape awash with strange metallic artefacts. This dark but strangely beautiful soundscape encompasses many different styles to create a unique atmospheric theme equally at one with either action or scene setting narratives.

Sky Dreams

A futuristic & contemporary down tempo bass and groove support a fairytale-ish music box that dips and glides over deep, warm pads. A mid section breakdown leads to a breath taking leap as the track lifts again in the final third. Depicts wide open spaces, heightened senses and ecology moving hand i...

Star Children

A single plaintive synth arpeggio builds into a life affirming string bed & hookline that ends with a single majestic chord suggesting a brave new beginning. Quirky, humerous & charming, but with an air of the unknown & mysterious. Full of the wonder of life, the Universe and everything in between. ...

Application Startup Arpeggio

Elegant intro arpeggio for device startup, operating system initialization, starting an app or some fancy logic game, an interface or software.

Device Startup Sound

Digital sound logo suitable for device startup, power up, system booting, software launching.

Elegant Interface Arpeggio

Happy tingling sound effect arpeggio for apps, applications, software, user interface and youtube.


Funk piece of music, energetic and engaging, featuring wah guitars, basses, drums, trumpet and a kind of a organ. Suitable for advertising, podcasts, presentations, software and more.
Yann Keerim