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Friendly Party

by nazar
A happy, cheerful and joyful music track with memorable melody. Perfect for children’s projects, commercials, websites, YouTube videos and anything positive, cheerful and happy.

Funny & Happy

by nazar
This piece is a lullaby and may be used in presentations to recall childhood or the freedom and innocence associated with childhood. This piece is also ideal for use with animations and cartoons. Twinkling stars and fairy tales come to mind when listening.

Happy Corporation

by nazar
This is very inspiring and uplifting Pop Rock composition,with upbeat guitars,elated piano tune,synth pads and strings. High powered, grand and energetic music for business commercial ads,ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Happy Together

by nazar
A happy, motivational, and cheerful pop track featuring an uplifting groove, fun hand claps, and an upbeat vibe. Great for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, motivational videos and more.

Happy Traveling

by nazar
This is the soundtrack for a beautiful day in the sun. It has an upbeat positive good mood created by whistling, guitar, piano, marimba, tuba, and electric organ. Perfect for a children’s or kid’s show, app, film, cartoon.

Happy World

by nazar
This fun and motivational corporate song gives an upbeat and happy vibe. This is instrumental background music thats common to what is heard in todays popular corporate tv advertising commercials. Features Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Bells, bass & drums.


by nazar
Motivational and Uplifting corporate music track that evokes a feeling of success and accomplishment featuring positive piano with upbeat drums, orchestral strings and synthesizer sounds.

Business As Usual

Very versatile, subtle and positive pop music with piano, ambient guitar and a light drum set. Perfect for advertising, slideshows imagevideos and much more.

Lucky Day

This casual pop song with acoustic and electric guitars and piano brings an optimistic and lively atmosphere in every project.

Earth Colors

African pop track with lots of original instruments combined with modern sounds. Full arrangement with short vocal accents.

Unity Gain

Indie rock track for universal use. Suitable in endless applications. With powerful drums and additional synth elements. This song gives your project the right drive and attention.

Space Engineer

Electronic pop track for versatile use in slideshows, imagevideos, product videos and much more.

Pocket Full Of Stars

Intense indie rock track with electric guitar, deep synth sounds and powerful drums. Uplifting and modern song with a positive and optimistic message.

Happy Funny Electro Funk

Positive, blithe pop with rythmic guitars, funky vocoder synths and a straight forward beat. Provides an easygoing feeling. Great for presentations, advertising and lifestyle.

Bright Future

Hopeful and friendly guitar pop with a warm and positive mood. Perfect for any project that needs an emotional and uplifting touch.

Funny Running

Happy playful breakbeat / Easy Listening with a groovy baseline, funky synths and warm rhodes. Conveys a positive carefree feeling.

Sports Adventure

An energetic, action packed sports adventure track with driving drums, synths and orchestra. Great for sports events, challenges, trailers, games, promos, podcasts, chase scenes and projects that needs a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack.

Whistle Hey

This is a new light rock pop country music or background music "Whistle Hey" which contain great fun and joyful mood, whistling sound notes, great guitars and positive, happy optimistic atmosphere. Well suited for childrens, kids, advertising, corporate, background music.

Alice Wanna Play

by Evgeny
Active, positive and happy pop-rock track, inspired by My Darkest Days and similar bands. Powerful drums, clean and distorted guitars, good mood.

Dark Desire

by kubed
Hip hop track with trap elements and modern production values. A combination of atmospheric pads, edgy synth lead, strings, deep bass, wobble bass sounds and percussion beats. Dramatic transitions that make this track perfect for reality tv, sports highlights and commercials.
Yann Keerim