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Electro Shock Rock

ID: 69692
Dean Wagg / ‘Electro Shock Rock’ is a high energy spunky funky punky ...

Funk Soul Summer

ID: 69695
Dean Wagg / Light, uplifting & fun soul which sounds like James Brown or Marvin Ga...

Future Sexy Blues

ID: 69697
Dean Wagg / ‘Future Sexy Blues’ is a fast, high energy contemporary e...

Get Up And Go

ID: 69698
Dean Wagg / Guitar led pop which is high energy, upbeat & positive. A crunching gu...

Girls and Boys

ID: 69699
Dean Wagg / ‘Girls & Boys’ is an energetic hybrid of three styles â...

Life Uplifting

ID: 69714
Dean Wagg / Happy & upbeat electro pop tune which also features grand piano & orch...

Love In The Summer

ID: 69715
Dean Wagg / Funky electro pop with a hint of dance/trance. Built around an irres...

Scuzz Ball

ID: 69719
Dean Wagg / ‘Scuzz’ Ball is a fast and frenetic rock track featuring ...

Wannabe Be A Rock Star

ID: 69740
Dean Wagg / ‘Wannabe Be a Rock Star’ is a super-cool hybrid of electr...

Living It Up (60-secs Version)

01:01 - ID: 60566
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Living It Up. Motivational, Inspirational a...

Living It Up

01:57 - ID: 60568
Lucid Dream Music / Motivational, Inspirational and uplifting piece of music featuring tri...

Mountain Top (30-secs Version)

00:32 - ID: 60573
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 30sec version of Mountain Top. Upbeat, motivational and upli...

Mountain Top

02:07 - ID: 60576
Lucid Dream Music / Upbeat, motivational and uplifting corporate music track featuring pia...

Happiness Within (60-secs Version)

01:10 - ID: 60488
Lucid Dream Music / This is a 60sec version of Happiness Within. Motivating, hopeful and u...

Happiness Within

02:14 - ID: 60492
Lucid Dream Music / Motivating, hopeful and uplifting music track featuring piano, orchest...

Science Fiction & Uplifting (Trance Music)

04:19 - ID: 59895
Ramazan Yuksel / Description An intense uplifting trance music.Determined and stable a...

Advanced Technology (Sci-Fi Corporate Music)

01:01 - ID: 59674
Ramazan Yuksel / Suitable for introduction of a high tech product or science fiction pr...

An Easy Solution (Corporate Music)

01:26 - ID: 59679
Ramazan Yuksel / Suitable for advertisement and commercials.Trance melodic structure wi...

Classy & Elegant (Corporate Music)

00:58 - ID: 59518
Ramazan Yuksel / A guitar song for advertising products. It has 2 guitars, electro and ...

Optimistic & Positive (Happy Corporate Music)

02:33 - ID: 59520
Ramazan Yuksel / Corporate acoustic pop music track with human whistle sound and acoust...

Love Letter

02:38 - ID: 59185
Bradley White / “Love Letter” is an R&B cue with style! This mid-tempo gro...

Almost Happy - Loop 2

00:10 - ID: 58586
Andrei Vladulescu / This is a naive melancholic loop with ukulele and a toy piano sound. S...
Yann Keerim