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Endless Possibilities (Inspired Dance Pop)

Prominent dance pop with a cheerful atmosphere, piano chords, pulsating pads, a subtle bass, SFX sounds and an easygoing beat. Great for club, party and lifestyle.

Easy Day (Positive Summer Ukulele Track)

Summery, positive corporate pop with a playful ukulele, cheerful guitars, light sounds, bass guitar and percussions. Conveys feelings of joy, holiday and sunshine!

Just Love (Instrumental Version)

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

Just Love

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody and a dreamy female voice. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.


Futuristic, gentle breakbeat with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, Kalimbas and dubby voices in the background, modern sounds and a groovy beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

Funky House

Groovy House Music with a funky guitar and a catchy vocal talkbox part. EDM elements combine skillfully with looser House Music. Ideally suited for Teenage clips, fun sports, summer, sun, lifestyle and advertising!

This Is Now And Forever (Instrumental Version)

Modern Pop EDM. Sounds fresh, uplifting, youthful and free! Great optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle and fashion.

This Is Now And Forever (EDM MUSIC)

Modern Pop EDM with haunting male vocal. Sounds fresh, uplifting, youthful and free! Great optimistic piece for youth, lifestyle and fashion.


The title name is program! Modern EDM tinged with dubstep dancehall influencesvand a fast feeling. Does catchy, strong and young at the same time. Ideal for teenage and lifestyle, as well as fun sports and Motorcross.

Corporate Day

A motivational acoustic corporate track. Beauty and motivational. Recorded with acoustic guitar, drums, piano, strings, tambourines, percussion, shakers, bass guitar. This is fine to advertising, commercial, web advertisements, corporate projects, films, successful business videos, youtube, presenta...

Wonderful Life

Ethereal pop / post-rock, whose flowering chorus with voices, subtle e-guitars, synth pads and a motivating rock beat convey to us a triumphant sense of freedom. Great sound for extreme sports, youth and image films

Beauty Of Sunrise

Dreamy, slightly melancholic-emotive ambient electro with smooth pads, airy synth melodies and an easy breakbeat. Great score for drama, suspense and sci-fi.

The Light Shines So Bright

Hypnotic ambient with atmospheric pads and melancholic guitar sounds. Perfect as background music!


Blithe, dreamy film score with a smooth and relaxed e-piano, floating e-piano and a catchy guitar sample. Perfect background music for reflective moments and romantic scenes, nature, calm and relaxation.

Oriental Dream

Dreamy, spherical song to relax and feel good! Ethnic stringed instruments, orchestral drone and a heavenly female vocal spread a carefree, hypnotic and slightly mysterious atmosphere. Perfect for meditation and relaxation, as well as background music for movies.

Happy Funky House

Catchy and positive housemusic which makes a lot of fun. Funky Daft Punk Guitar meets naughty and modern synthesizers and groovy Beats. Sounds easy, carefree and funky.


This is a heartwarming positive and energetic track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet piano sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo and into a big buildup with big drum sound at the end, Ideal for any presentation, Commercial or drone flight videos etc.

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking is a very repetitive and inserting track, with a very smooth synths and bells sequence in the background. Perfect for science, nature productions that looking to create a creative & heartwarming mood.

Inspiring Sky (Corporate Pop)

A great moment shall stay in your mind. Exciting Progressive Folk - Pop - Rock with orchestral accompaniment and an unmistakable Sound. Sounds emotional - majestic, modern, powerful and dreamy simultaneously Perfect for moving scenes, corporate videos, advertising and large images!

In The Moment Of Inspiration (Alternative Version)

Slow, light ambient with floating pads, upright bass and an atmospheric piano. Conveys an innocent and romantically dreamy mood.
Yann Keerim