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Before Dawn

by kubed
Hip-Hop,R & B track with acoustic guitars,deep bass,cool beats and mellow keys.Groovy,smooth and elegant,it has an urban style.Modern production values.

Bitch Club

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with modern,electro synths,punchy beats and club vibes.It has a sexy and uplifting groove and modern production values.

Block Party

by kubed
Hip-Hop,old-school style with modern production values.Featuring cool beats,synth,keys stabs,scratches,vocal fx and funky bass-lines.Groovy and upbeat positive mood.Fun and cool,urban sound.

Break Up Song

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with great synth-hooks,cool beats,mellow electric guitars and deep synth-bass.Smooth sound in a slow R & B,Hip-Hop style.Modern production values.

Can\'t Hold Me Down

by kubed
West Coast style Hip-Hop track.Cool bass-lines and steady beats blend with piano,electric guitar and strings in a Dr Dre,Snoop Dog style.Cool laid-back groove with a sexy touch.

Cherry Lips

by kubed
Hip Hop track with cool beats,cello and great synth-hook.Modern production style,a bit dramatic and dark vibes coming from the cello but uplifting and positive mood overall.


by kubed
Hip-hop track with strings,piano,percussions and modern urban beats.The strings & piano add a dramatic touch to the track.Groovy and melodic,it has a West-Coast style and modern production values.


by kubed
Quirky,orchestral hip-hop track with great sounding strings and playful percussion beats.Elegant and sophisticated mood,groovy and bouncing instrumental.

Desert Nights

by kubed
Hip Hop track with great,exotic instruments.Cool percussions blended with flute,indian strings,deep bass and quirky fx.Upbeat,positive and sexy mood.Modern production values.

Do It

by kubed
Hip Hop track with edgy,bright synths,cool percussion beats and driving bass.Orchestral strings and percussions add a dramatic touch to the track.Modern production values.

Eastern Vibes

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with heavy eastern vibes and cool beats.Rich percussive grooves,flute and indian strings blend with hip-hop beats and deep bass-lines.Upbeat and sexy,positive attitude.


by kubed
Hip Hop track with orchestral elements and epic vibes.The strings have a big,cinematic sound while the beats have a modern hip-hop style.


by kubed
Hip Hop track with a modern,urban feeling.Groovy tune,featuring percussive beats,piano,strings stabs,scratches and deep bass.Upbeat and positive attitude with a cool,urban vibe.

Golden Mirror

by kubed
Hip Hop track with orchestral elements like strings,horns and pizzicato instruments.The beats and deep bass are driving the track.Modern and elegant sound quality.


by kubed
Hip Hop track with strong orchestral elements.West-coast style,featuring horns,piano,cool percussions,strings,led synth and warm sub-bass.Smooth and confident at the same time,with dramatic and melodic touches.


by kubed
Dance R & B track with modern electro synths,driving bass-lines and percussive beats.Fun and uplifting mood,great for dancing or workout,aerobic routines.


by kubed
Hip Hop track with exotic,eastern vibes.The sitar and indian strings blend with very cool percussive grooves,funky piano stabs,scratches and driving deep bass-lines.Upbeat and very positive attitude,danceable and sexy mood.

The City

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with orchestral elements and modern production values.Strings and horns blend with hip-hop beats,synths and sub-bass,creating an epic hip-hop tune.It has strong cinematic and melodicelements.

The Zone

by kubed
Hip Hop track with edgy,aggressive synths and tight,strong beats.The sub-bass add a dark element to the atmosphere.Punchy and slightly dark sound with modern production techniques.

This Is It

by kubed
Dance Hip-Hop track with cool synths,funky bass-lines and modern electro elements.Club beats in a R & B style.Fresh and upbeat positive mood.
Yann Keerim