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239 Lullaby For Valeria AC2 Sept 6 44

A very calm, soft and relaxing track, featuring electric guitars, glockenspiel, celesta and piano. A great asset for any production where a confident, warm and appealing sound is required.

A Happy Piano Ad Pack

by Aquilo
Your typical advertising track with a happy, bouncy piano, glockenspiel bells and pizzicato strings. Later, some light drums and percussion come in to boost the energy a bit more. Fits a corporate video / animation or a commercial.

Time To Breathe

Slow paced, soothing relaxation track featuring airy pads, few piano notes, and ethereal acoustic guitar arpeggios. Suitable for relaxation, yoga, reiki, healing, spa treatment, pilates, meditation, etc.

Healing Thought

This upbeat acoustic music is a joyful combination of happiness, positive energy, and motivational vibes. The acoustic guitar and ukulele strum a bright rhythm while the strings and piano add sophistication. To top it off the plucky lead melody adds innocence and fun to make this a great track for c...

Dreamy piano

Dreamy piano, intricate synth and string layers provide a subtle feeling of longing and reflection.

Wound Healing

A pulsing and building mystery cue underscoring anything from an undercover mission to entering a new and suspicious world. Ambient FX, electric bass, middle eastern instruments, vocal, rhythmic and mallet percussion .

Something in the Air

Lovely, atmospheric new age piece with space pads, twinkling ambiances/textures. Visions of celestial stars & heavenly dreams are experienced. Good for nature docs, scenes of beauty & wonder, science, fantasy, dramas & more. Also would work for yoga, healing arts.

Glamour Girls

by kubed
Fun and upbeat electro-pop instrumental track. It features bright, catchy synths, cool synth-bass sounds add modern pop beats. It has uplifting and fresh electro funky mood and could work great for youth oriented promos, hair style & make-up product commercials or fashion highlights.
Yann Keerim