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A Summer Day

Joyful and uplifting summer song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, whistler and piano. Motivating mood for every commercial, promotion video or any other motivational content.

Please Hold The Line

Soft hold on music with relaxing synths, smooth beats and mellow melodies. Great for call centers, presentations and youth.

Soft Inspirational Lounge

Inspirational relaxing lounge / chill out music with soft guitars and a calm beat. Great for presentations, radio, bars and as backgroundmusic.

Soft Inspirational Lounge (No Drums Version)

Inspirational relaxing lounge / chill out music with soft guitars and a calm bass. Great for presentations, radio, bars and as backgroundmusic.

Inspired And Powerful Dubstep

Inspirational and hopeful Dubstep with floating modern synths, groovy vocal chops and a massive beat. Perfect for image movies, presentations, big pictures and hopeful scenes.


Soft house track with catchy vocal chops, floating chords and an hopeful athmosphere. Great for youth, lifestyle and presentations.

Feel So Good With It

Mellow electro track with a peaceful vibe, a soft beat and dreamy melodies. Great for reports, lifestyle and youth.

A Healthy Morning

Inspirational corporate pop with a lovely piano, touching strings and playful acoustic guitars. Provides a nice hopeful and warm feeling. Perfect for advertising and presentations.

Young Love (Instrumental Version)

Optimistic and dreamful electro song an easy groove and pulsating soft synths. Great easy track for youth, lifestyle and reports.

Young Love

Optimistic and modern electro song with exciting and unique vocal chops, an easy groove and pulsating soft synths. Great easy track for youth, lifestyle and reports.

Tech Breaking

by nazar
Modern ambient electronic. Reflecting progress, buildings and modern structures. Suitable for various use, background music fly through animations, corporate reflections, cityscapes, progress etc. Corporate music for film, videos and sci-fi segments.

Family Storys

Positive corporate pop with playful piano, bass guitar and funky acoustic drums. Perfect for family storys, themes around health, food and commercials.

Upbeat and Happy

A modern, fresh and uplifting track with piano, acoustic guitar, drums, background vocals. Perfect for any movie, tv show or video production that needs a positive indie vibe. The alt version contains no guitar at the end.

Happy Fun Background

Happy upbeat fresh and fun acoustic folk track with a little bit of a Mumford & Sons style. Use for any inspirational videos, corporate and business productions, advertisements, youtube videos and more. Instruments include: Ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, drums, claps and s...

Inspire Hope

An inspiring indie/pop track which starts with a memorable piano line and then is joined by percussion and electric guitar to give it a very modern and fresh feel. Perfect for inspirational and motivational productions, advertisements and commercials, corporate branding, inspiring youtube videos, sl...


Inspiring, motivating, uplifting and hopeful corporate track for various productions including business advertisements, corporate motivational videos, commercials, youtube videos, television programs, and more.

Time to Inspire

A modern, motivating and inspirational corporate track perfect for commercials, video montages, corporate campaigns and events, advertising and business promotions, and anything else where an uplifting and positive underscore is needed.


Cute track with a catchy piano theme and a 2-step beat; glockenspiel combined with synth bells and soft strings. Light song for slideshows, corporate videos, adverts, websites and more.
Yann Keerim