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Vast Waters

ID: 19737
Erik Haddad / Dreamy atmospheric textures with a modern mid-tempo electronic beat an...

Simple Fun

ID: 19738
Erik Haddad / A cute mid-tempo childrens instrumental in 3/4 time with mallets, ligh...

Lunar Milestones

ID: 19739
Erik Haddad / A dramatic orchestral cue perfect for scenes involving the triumph of ...

Hunt Them Down

ID: 19740
Erik Haddad / A determined orchestral cue evoking images of a military unit preparin...

Little Cowboys

ID: 19741
Erik Haddad / A cute instrumental with a light Western theme heightened by trumpets ...

High Stakes Job

ID: 19742
Erik Haddad / A fun, exciting track that evokes an intense heist, high stakes con jo...

Be Ready

ID: 19416
Erik Haddad / An orchestral instrumental with a military theme. Great for underscore...

We Are Free

ID: 19419
Erik Haddad / A dramatically triumphant and hopeful orchestral cue. Overcoming obsta...

Raucous Railway

ID: 19420
Erik Haddad / A fun action adventure orchestral cue with an animated, fast paced moo...


ID: 19422
Erik Haddad / A clean, comforting instrumental great for corporate and industrial us...

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Follow Me

ID: 19423
Erik Haddad / An epic orchestral action cue with themes of danger, determination, an...

Like The Sea

ID: 19424
Erik Haddad / A beautiful contemporary classical piece with a graceful, flowing feel...

Feel The Heat

ID: 19425
Erik Haddad / An action adventure cue in a film trailer style. A bit of a Spanish or...

Stay Away

ID: 19426
Erik Haddad / A dark, sinister instrumental theme with an air of mystery and suspici...

Uncovering The Truth

ID: 19430
Erik Haddad / An orchestral cinematic drama cue with a sense of brooding mystery and...

Depth Of Beauty

ID: 19431
Erik Haddad / A beautifully dreamy and delicate orchestral underscore with a mood of...

Matter Of Fact

ID: 19432
Erik Haddad / A documentary drama styled instrumental with feelings of contemplation...

Clouds Of Static

ID: 19434
Erik Haddad / A mysteriously atmospheric instrumental with a blend of downtempo and ...

Clever One

ID: 19435
Erik Haddad / A curious, rhythmic orchestral cue with a mood of wonder and a little ...

Dizzying Heights

ID: 19436
Erik Haddad / A modern hybrid cue that blends sparse electronic rhythms with orchest...

Along The River

ID: 19437
Erik Haddad / A dramatic action adventure cue in a cinematic style that incorporates...

Day Of Reckoning

ID: 19438
Erik Haddad / A serious, dramatic cue with piano, orchestral strings, etc. Feelings...

The Time Is Now

ID: 19439
Erik Haddad / An intense orchestral cue with some deep drums. Very determined with a...

A Buried Past

ID: 19440
Erik Haddad / A dark, melancholic piece that blends impressionistic classical and ja...

More Questions

ID: 19441
Erik Haddad / A dark contemporary classical piece with an air of suspicion and myste...

What We Used To Be

ID: 19442
Erik Haddad / An emotional symphonic piece with lots of depth, as if reflecting on t...


ID: 19443
Erik Haddad / A fun, energetic kids electronic dance track with some unconventional ...

Danger Rising

ID: 19444
Erik Haddad / A mysterious cinematic instrumental track with an eerie, suspenseful a...

Poignant Solo Clarinet

ID: 19446
Erik Haddad / A poignant, tender solo clarinet playing free of time. Spacious and sl...

Find A Way

ID: 19447
Erik Haddad / A moody, intriguing instrumental that blends a world drum groove with ...

Family Affair

ID: 19448
Erik Haddad / A film noir styled drama cue with an Italian influence. Starts suspici...

Primal Instinct

ID: 19451
Erik Haddad / An intense film trailer styled cue with big drums and percussion. Edgy...

From End To End

ID: 19452
Erik Haddad / A unique instrumental that blends a world beat feeling with contempora...

No Other Way

ID: 19453
Erik Haddad / A modern orchestral cue with an air of anticipation and mysterious sus...

Carefully Planned

ID: 19455
Erik Haddad / A cool modern film trailer styled action cue that blends synthetic ele...

Modern Nation

ID: 19456
Erik Haddad / A cool modern African/world beat instrumental cue with hand drum groov...


ID: 19457
Erik Haddad / A towering, darkly enchanted orchestral cue with a Gothic theme. Organ...

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Last Stand

ID: 19459
Erik Haddad / A strong orchestral cue with a mood of steady determination. Great for...

Risky Job

ID: 19460
Erik Haddad / A cool, slick instrumental with upright jazz bass, ambient conga drum,...

Boar Hunt

ID: 19461
Erik Haddad / An intense tribal African instrumental with lots of ethnic drums and p...


ID: 19462
Erik Haddad / A cinematic action hybrid track with orchestra and electronic elements...

Point Of View

ID: 19463
Erik Haddad / A rhythmic orchestral drama cue great for subjects involving political...

All Too Clear

ID: 19464
Erik Haddad / A tense, foreboding instrumental theme with elements of downtempo and ...

Other World

ID: 19465
Erik Haddad / A dreamy, ethereal new age soundtrack cue with an underwater feeling. ...

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Where To Begin

ID: 19466
Erik Haddad / A tender, emotional track with ambient synthetics, graceful melodic pi...
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