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The Blank Paper

Experimental ambient featuring light and spherical sounds and arpeggios which mingle with lots of delay effects and create a moving, pulsating soundscape.

Nano Tec

Catchy, positive electro house with steady keyboard and synths theme and drifty drum beats. Cool, modern, optimistic.

Sports Extreme

Modern, suspense-packed film score trailer accompanied by rock guitar and a fat beat. Perfect for commercial, action and extreme sports.

Big Bigger Business

Modern electro sound. Arpeggio synths and soft surfaces with a cool beat convey modernity, innovation and elegance.

Rubber Dub

Nice mixture of dancehall, dub and hip-hop with crazy vocoder/vowel synth sounds, percussions, reverbed chords and a groovy beat. Modern, cool and slightly mysterious. Well-suited for lifestyle, fashion, party or technology.

Future Tech

Modern mechanical beats, swirling pads and robotic bleeps give this uptempo electronic track an insistent groove and a futuristic sound. A "head-nodder" and a "foot-tapper", this tune is perfect for science, technology, technical demonstrations, electronics, cars, engineering and hi-tech sectors.

Synthetic evolution

by ionics
Imagine plants growing in seconds, building rising in minutes and the earth is spinning around in a breathtaking pace. Synthetic Evolution is a high-tech-corporate track suitable for technical presentations and technological projects. Pleasant sounding synths and pads. Down-tempo but energetic. Perf...

Golump the Gorf

Modern Corporate Pop track with a catchy acoustic guitar riff and synth pads. Later on entry of a synth panflute. Sounds fresh and positive. Well-suited for lifestyle, fashion and technology.

Bing Ding

A glockenspiel melody meets a RnB groove with acoustic guitar and strings. Sounds fresh and modern. Well-suited for technology, presentations and commercials.

Rainbow Antique

Easy listening piece great for family or relational scenes, children, grandparents, and celebrating each other. Marimba, pizzicato strings, cello, bass, bells, staccato strings, tubular bells, and light percussion are used in this composition.
Yann Keerim