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Candy Kids

Joyful childresn music with playful flute, piano, bells and strings. Sounds optimistic, lovely and funny. Great for games / apps, themes for kids, animations, cartoons and presentations.


A quirky, fun track perfect for comedies, children's parties, animations and cartoons. Great for dramedy scenes like those in Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids. With pizzicato strings, woodwinds, marimba and triangle, it has a light, humorous and slightly mischievous vibe.

Adventure Island

by attila
Uplifting and wondrous orchestral piece with touching, effective melodies. Catchy, playful piano melody make this perfect for montages, children's films, animations, cartoons and commercials.

Orchestral Cartoons Traditional

Imagine John Williams writing for cartoons, that's the style of this track. A very lush orchestral arrangement and many moods for different situations: theme, countertheme, variations, stops, reprise to climax section and so on, it's a complete small piece.

Orchestral Classical Cartoons & Family

You can imagine this track in the famous bicycle ride scene of ET: big colorful orchestration with energy and an imaginative melodic theme. Also different sections with grotesque themes and different moods, but always in the same rich style. MAIN THEME at 10'' - GROTESQUE THEME at 45'' - REPRISE at...

The kids Box

A happy, playful, and cheerful children song featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitar,percussion , shakers, recorder, toy piano,accordion .

Happy Flyin

by nazar
This piece is a lullaby and may be used in presentations to recall childhood or the freedom and innocence associated with childhood. This piece is also ideal for use with animations and cartoons. Twinkling stars and fairy tales come to mind when listening.

Just For Fun

A cheerful, lively, slightly quirky track, ideal for any production related to children, fun, play and games. Full of surprises and variations, very adaptable. It features simple but catchy, entertaining melodies. Full version plus two different 60 seconds edits are also available.
Yann Keerim