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by nazar
A happy, motivational, and cheerful pop track featuring an uplifting groove, fun hand claps, and an upbeat vibe. Great for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, motivational videos and more.

Believe In You

by nazar
Optimistic and bouncy background track with piano, electric and acoustic guitars. A great piece for any corporate video presentation, film, advert, youtube video, TV or other visual production. Enjoy!

Big Loud & Happy

by nazar
Optimistic, joyous and fun music track featuring Acoustic Guitars, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Bass Guitar and Energetic Drums. Happy, cheerful and exciting composition best fit for commercials, product promos, corporate presentations, business projects, TV and film, Happy family videos, Children's vi...

Breathing Mashines

by nazar
Beautifully bright soft and easy melodic backing music to create happy uplifting and charming moods of hope romance optimism and inspiration in any form of media including retail leisure phone on hold corporate video website advertising marketing promo underscore in TV film movie documentary.

Breeze Color

by nazar
Fun and easy track perfect for creating a positive image of your brand. This short tune will make a great background for TV commercials, presentations or any other video projects.

Bright And Happy 3

by nazar
This piece is a lullaby and may be used in presentations to recall childhood or the freedom and innocence associated with childhood. This piece is also ideal for use with animations and cartoons. Twinkling stars and fairy tales come to mind when listening.

Corporate Sonar

by nazar
Beautiful innocent piano melody surrounded with orchestration and percussion. Romance, loving, care, caring, soft, past, thinking, contemplating, reflecting, passionate, heroic, hero, heart, saving, save, protect, forgive, forgiveness, religion, peaceful, nice, sweet, young, retirement, retired...

Happy Breakthrough

by nazar
Positive and playful track with simple melody and nice accompaniment. An perfect combination of piano and organ, acoustic guitars and rhythm section, ukulele and accordion, bells and bass.

Glory Of Victory

by nazar
This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music track. Great for corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials. Uplifting and hopeful melodies and harmonies that bring hope and inspiration to the listener.

Happy Customer

by nazar
Play with me is a Joyful, playful children's track. With percussion, piano bells and marimba and orchestra in a very Funny and Sweet mood. Can also be for a children's stage show, clowns or circus act, puppet show etc. Kids fooling around, babies and cartoon,games,Podcast and commercials.

We Dream Together

by nazar
Positive and playful track with simple melody and nice accompaniment. An perfect combination of piano and organ, acoustic guitars and rhythm section, ukulele and accordion, bells and bass.

What A Beautiful Holiday

by nazar
Very light and cheerful music. Covered with a haze of fabulousness. It’s a world of wonders, dreams and endless beauty.

We Will Ukulele Motivation

by nazar
This funny track is used for children’s videos, comedy, funny games, advertisment, websites, and other projects.

Whistle & Ukulele

by nazar
This track is very warm and uplifting. It has a very positive and loving feeling and has a gentle freshness trough out. It invokes positive memories and feelings of love, happiness and contentment. That inner smile you have when you do something nice for somebody you love or when you see your childr...

What A Beautiful World

by nazar
A happy, cheerful and joyful music track with memorable melody. Perfect for children’s projects, commercials, websites, YouTube videos and anything positive, cheerful and happy.

Wish Me Luck

by nazar
A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele, glockenspiel upright bass, piano, and drums. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses involving children, kids, innocence, inspiration and motivation.

Your Success In Your Hands

by nazar
Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track with guitars, bass, drums, piano and orchestral strings. Positive and Happy music that will be great for commercials, movies, presentations, product promos and much much more. Successful music that will guide you and your project to success.

Upbeat Ukulele Whistler

by attila
A cheerful, catchy and happy tune with whistling, ukulele, glockenspiel, strings, brass, bass guitar, drums and claps. Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe.

Standing Tall

by hawkey
An uplifting pop rock track with a quiet start before building in volume and tempo as the track takes it up a gear.

A Cascade Of Forms

by nazar
This is an inspirational and motivating corporate music composition with hopeful lighthearted piano parts, orchestral staccato strings, upbeat contemporary drum beats and percussion instruments.
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