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Move Your Body

by kubed
Big Beat electronic track in the vein of Fatboy Slim and Stereo MC's. Fun and uplifting tune, featuring electric guitar, funky bass-lines, sitar, organ, vocal fx and energetic drum beats. Great for the dance floor, party scenes, sports highlights, fashion shows and youth targeted commercials.

Cloud Nine

A delicate and playful track featuring chimes and bells on top of trip hop beats and 'found sounds'. Would work great for kids programming/platforms, 50s suburban pastiche, etc

Light Entertainment

An ambient light 30 second spot. Suitable for weather, news, financial and corporate videos.

Keep Moving

Keep Moving – Infectious upbeat disco-house with a pulsing funk bass and four to the floor drums. Especially suitable for fashion, sports and presentations.

Let the Party Started

Summery-positive electro with a cheerful atmosphere, e-guitars, a rich synthesizer sound, a subtle bass and an energetic beat. Perfect for party, commercials and lifestyle!

The Green Room

A funky, cool, and retro upbeat piece that has unlimited usage potential. Suitable uses include interview segments, quiz/chat/magic shows, gambling, heist, casino, cookery, etc.

Spain Flamenco

Spain in your hands ! Melodic rumba with spanish guitar melody. Autentic flamenco sound played by gypsy musicians. Spanish guitar with claps and percussion (cajon flamenco) also electric bass.


A great Motivational/inspiration song. Starting softly witn an harp and strings then addind melody and finaly adding the entire orchestra.

Corporate Day

A motivational acoustic corporate track. Beauty and motivational. Recorded with acoustic guitar, drums, piano, strings, tambourines, percussion, shakers, bass guitar. This is fine to advertising, commercial, web advertisements, corporate projects, films, successful business videos, youtube, presenta...

Salt and Pepper

Latin sound from Caribe, A catchy chachacha ideal for commercial projects o coocking shows, beautiful melody with acoustic guitar, percussions and freetless bass, also ukelele sound.

Beautiful Day

A motivational corporate track. Beauty and motivational. Strings, Harp, xilophone, tambourine y more. This is fine to advertising, commercial, web advertisements, corporate projects, films, successful business videos, youtube, presentations, family videos, kids videos, holiday, travel videos, timela...


Dramatic epic trailer music, a cinematic piano and synth motif is joined by spiccato strings, huge percussion, and soaring horns that build to a momentous climax. Conveys, drama, energy and excitement. Available with a big, dramatic ending and a softer, more thoughtful finale. Great for adding a Hol...

Corporate Inspiration

Inspiring and motivating musical composition. Perfect background for video or media projects. Fresh, bright and strong inspirational musical composition will present you a perfect background for your photo-video-audio,TV, advertising, commercials, broadcast, radio, slide-shows or other multimedia p...

Book Of Memories

Mellow, inspirational track with acoustic instruments all played by real musicians. It generates a peaceful, relaxed mood, but it also provides useful variations, such as two beautiful, melodic strings interludes, uplifting and inspirational. A more simple "no strings" version is also available.

Epic Emotional (No Drums Version)

adventure, dramatic, affecting, emotion, feeling, affecting, touching, soulful, sentimental, emotional, heroic, mighty, mightful, almighty, triumph, victory, success, powerful, strong, potent, hero, glorying, triumphant, historic, ancient, history, era, age, melodic, melodiously, tunefully, hans zim...

Epic Emotional (Full Mix)

Optimistic, hopeful film score with floating strings, choir and a cinematic beat. Conveys a feeling of new beginnings.
Yann Keerim