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Bitch Club

by kubed
Hip-Hop track with modern,electro synths,punchy beats and club vibes.It has a sexy and uplifting groove and modern production values.

Desert Nights

by kubed
Hip Hop track with great,exotic instruments.Cool percussions blended with flute,indian strings,deep bass and quirky fx.Upbeat,positive and sexy mood.Modern production values.


by kubed
Dance R & B track with modern electro synths,driving bass-lines and percussive beats.Fun and uplifting mood,great for dancing or workout,aerobic routines.


by kubed
Hip Hop track with exotic,eastern vibes.The sitar and indian strings blend with very cool percussive grooves,funky piano stabs,scratches and driving deep bass-lines.Upbeat and very positive attitude,danceable and sexy mood.

This Is It

by kubed
Dance Hip-Hop track with cool synths,funky bass-lines and modern electro elements.Club beats in a R & B style.Fresh and upbeat positive mood.

Chase The Light

by kubed
Electro-House track with great synth-hooks,electric guitrar riffs,driving electo bass-lines and strong beats.Bright and optimistic attitude,uplifting and very danceable track.

Dancefloor Shoes

by kubed
Electro-House track with great energy and uplifting vibes.Bright,driving synths,tight bass-lines and big house beats.It's great for dancefloors or workout/aerobics routines.Modern production values.


by kubed
This is an uplifting and energetic dance-house track.Piano is the lead instrument and it has a happy/positive vibe.Perfect for a workout/aerobics video.

Lights In The Sky

by kubed
Electro-House track in the Deadmau5 style.It builds progressively and leads to a piano breakdown and a strong synth-driven chorus after the breakdown.Both uplifting and melodic,good for the dancefloor or workout.

Neon City

by kubed
This is an epic Electro-House track with great build-ups and breakdowns.Anthemic synth sounds over tight bass-lines and strong house beats.Bright and uplifting mood.

Out Of Sight

by kubed
EDM track with driving synth-bass,electro synths and tight house beats.It has intro,build-up and breakdown.Optimistic and energetic,it has modern production values.


by kubed
Uplifting Electro-Pop track with bright,mellow synths and modern R & B beats.Fresh and upbeat mood,catchy and commercial melodies.

Shakin\' Club

by kubed
EDM track,great for the dancefloor or workout.Featuring modern electro sytnhs and synth-bass.Uplifting and optimistic mood.

Turn Around

by kubed
Fresh Pop-House track,very uplifting and "now" sounding. It has catchy synth-lines and driving house beats. It's upbeat and positive with a nice synth build-up. It has clean and commercial production.

Lounge Corporate

A positive loungy up-beat track with big strings, warm rhodes and crisp moving drums.

Stylish Tech

This sleek chill out lounge music is an smooth blend of style, simplicity, and elegance. The hypnotic melodies are complimented with a minimal beat, and a great mellow groove. The music is a great modern sound that sets the mood for a wide variety of applications including retail, ads, luxury, cars,...

Smooth Ride

by kubed
Catchy Hip-Hop track with cool groove,acoustic guitars,deep sub-bass,strings and scratch fx.Modern and elegant production.It has a positive,uplifting mood,easy to the ears and with a top 40 quality.

Party Lounge

A upbeat lounge tune with catchy rhode piano, crisp contemporary drums, and rolling bass.

Fly Away

by kubed
Electro House track with great energy and modern production values.It has electric guitar riffs,blended with powerful synths,driving bass-lines and strong house beats.The mood is uplifting and posotive,perfect for dancefloors or workout/aerobics.

For The Biggest Kicks

Ambient textures of modern sounds and beats. High fashion and fast paced life. Non sensible visions of ultra success during an afternoon break in your cube. Great theme for action adventure dramatic sports reality soundtracks.
Yann Keerim