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Using music in meditation videos

Several studies have already proven the power that music has over people, it is possible to point out the benefits it brings to the body and mind of listeners and today it is essential for meditation videos. Several channels of meditation on Youtube have become great successes and today have thousands of subscribers because they have seen the importance of choosing the right meditation songs for better relaxation.

Finding the ideal royalty free and copyright free music for your meditation videos and assuring your audience hundreds of reiki meditation tracks will not be difficult at So, read on …

The Power of Meditation Music

As you know, music has the power to tinker with our emotions and needs to be taken into consideration during meditation videos.   We are extremely susceptible to the variations and emotions that music brings us: if a music is joyful and pleases our musical preference, soon we are infected with the positive energy of the music, likewise, if it is slow, melancholic, it favors our sensitization and sadness, and may even make us cry. Many songs stir our feelings as they remind us of feelings and moments lived in the past.

You should keep in mind that there is no unique style of music for a meditation session; there are those that are most suitable for the purpose of your videos because they favor the best relaxation for your audience. It is important that the song has a slow and smooth melody, without abrupt variations of rhythm, as this will favor the sensitization of all and will leave the energy of your script more propitious for your guide.

However, you need to know that not all slow melodies are good for meditation. Some melancholic sounds like blues, or songs that have some relation to a sad earlier moment for the listener can trigger negative feelings such as sadness or nostalgia.

To prevent this from happening, we have in our library at a specific category for meditation, where you can choose the ideal songs for your videos.   While many would like to try meditation, not everyone gets to enjoy the benefit of time when they can join meditation groups. That’s why you have a big audience of people looking for some quality guide meditation videos so they can exercise on their own, in their own time, by their own methods.

The effects of meditation music on the brain

Meditation music has been used in meditation sessions for many years. There have been many studies that connect the effect of music to the brain, and its effect on someone who is trying to meditate. Every time a person hears a specific type of music, their brain is affected, helping them to enter their meditative state easily. Playing a good selection of meditation songs can help people achieve the relaxation they desire as the sound alters their brain waves.

The desired result from listening to meditation music would be to shift your brain waves from the beta state to the alpha state. When your brain is emitting alpha waves you will be relaxed, alert and clear.   It is important to choose the meditation music that has the most commonly known as the binaural beat, a beat in the song that is repeated all throughout.

One example of these songs available in our library is Meditation Heavens (No Flute).   Teaching someone to track these beats and concentrate on them helps ease the mind into its meditative state. This method, also known as brain entrapment, helps slow activity in the brain. From being in the beta state, the use of binaural beats helps to ease the brain into its alpha state, the state where the brain is in total relaxation.

Having the right kind of music may even help them enter the theta stage, a level of meditation wherein they have fallen asleep without knowing it.

Choosing the right meditation music for your videos

People who do group meditation usually can get into an easier state of relaxation. However, meditating alone may be a little different. Having the appropriate type of meditation music is fundamental to set the mood for a good video.   Everyone has their favorite genre of music when it comes to music. Sometimes people prefer different genres for meditation.

This way, it is imperative that the meditation music you choose for your videos is the correct one for each theme. Entering a meditative state can be difficult, especially for anyone who is trying the activity for the first time. It may get frustrating and even annoying once the person cannot enter their relaxed state of mind. Music, which has proven effect on the brain waves of a person, can definitely help to ease its activities and help gain that meditative state just by listening to some good, but powerful sound.

We have in our library hundreds of royalty free and copyright free meditation songs for you to use in your videos, such as:   GROOVY MEDITATION MEDITATION THAIS – MASSENET (ARR F HEGEDUS) ESCAPE FROM REALITY (LOUNGE, CHILL OUT, DREAMY, RELAXED) INDIAN DREAMWEAVER   Some people may feel more comfortable listening to sounds of nature, while others may love chanting, bells, or strings. There are many SFX options available in our Royalty Free Sound Effects library for you to add in your meditation videos and mix with the songs you’ve chosen.

7 tips to increase the impact of your meditation videos

  1. Presence

Even if you are not appearing in your meditation videos, it is important that your viewers feel that you are right next to them. Your presence will be fundamental through the use of your voice. The energy you transmit will make it easier for them to reach the appropriate level of relaxation and purpose of your video. You must have a unique presence for your viewers so they’ll remember your channel and come back to check more videos.

  1. Versatility

Just like a football coach, you should seek each video to adjust the potential of your viewers, performing better content and more complex if you wish. A great meditation guide can react without compromising their viewers focus and go with more flow and spirituality through the videos.

  1. Personalization

You can recognize a Wong-Kar Wai film glancing at one frame of his movies. There are hundreds of meditation channels on Youtube, so how will you make yours more attractive than others? You will differentiate it by turning it into a unique experience and with specific features of your purpose in meditation. A signature voice, phrase and sequence are important to differentiate your channel from others. Make your videos accessible, yet doing it in a way that’s 100% unique and authentic to you.

  1. Adjustments

You should be open to hearing what your viewers have to say to you. Whether are the comments posted on Youtube or an email box open for suggestions. Read your audience feedbacks and improve with the reviews. If they say you took too much time in a certain sentence, for example, learn from it and try not to repeat it in your next video. Criticism is essential for the internal improvement of each of us.

  1. Language

A well-structured script that focuses on what your video has as purpose is fundamental. However, even if the script is very well designed and the language is not in the same tone, everything will fall apart. You should keep in mind that using appropriate language is of utmost importance to the success of your videos.

  1. Length

The time of meditation varies from person to person. One study conducted a survey of beginners in meditation in which they began meditating for 23 minutes a day. After 8 weeks, the participants’ brain activities had measurably changed and they showed much higher activation of parts of the brain that are associated with feelings of well-being and less activation of the parts of the brain associated with stress.


Much of the Youtube meditation videos have between 15 and 25 minutes. However, some, especially focused on insomnia, usually have around 60 minutes. You should take into consideration that a very short video will not make as much effect as a longer one.

Keeping in mind the purpose of your video and choosing between these lengths for your videos is the best way to know the exact length for each video posted.   There are a variety of reiki and meditation songs types to choose from library.

For each video it’ll requires a specific one. Meditation music should not only be at your taste, but also reflect what you are hoping to achieve with your meditation videos; whether it is anxiety relief, worry, insomnia, and so on. Explore the endless possibilities in our website and make your videos more appealing for your audience.

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