Ceremony Opening Awards Fanfare Trailer by Nicky Jazz

Ceremony Opening Awards Fanfare Trailer

Nicky Jazz

ID: #134473

Duration: 01:02

Ceremony Opening Awards Fanfare Trailer - 01:02

Track Description

Cinematic Style Fanfare track can be perfect Movie opener for your project. It can feet any presentation or logo. Cool Awards opening music track for your project or live event. More Keywords: 9/11, Awards Ceremony, Epic Evolution, Gopro, Olympic Prize Solemn Winner, academy achievement, action, actors, adrenalin, adventure, adventures, advertising, american american, and anniversary, anthem, arena, award award, awarding, awards awards, background, battle, beautiful, bells, blockbuster, boxing, brass, bravado, brave, bright, broadcast, broadway, building, business, cannes, carpet, celebration, celebratory, celebrity, ceremony, champion champion, champions champions, championship, choir, christmas christmas, church, cinema, cinematic, classic, classical, closing, comedy, commercial, competition, confident, corporate, corporation, crowd, debate, documentary, dramatic, drums, dynamic, elegant, emotional, ending, energetic, entrance, epic epic, epicnes, epicness, eve, event, events, extreme extreme, fall, fanfare fanfare, fanfares, farewall, festival, fight, film, final, finale, football, for forceful, fun, galloping, game game, games, giving, gladiator, glory, grand grand, grandeur, great hans happiness, happy, hero, heroes, heroic, history, holidays, hollywood, honor, hope, hopefull, horns, hotel, huge, ident, immortal, inspiration, inspirational, inspire, inspired, inspiring, intro, introduction, jingle landscape, league, life, logo, loud, love, magic, majestic, marriage, medal, merry military, motivaiom, motivate, motivated, motivation, motivational motivational, movie, moving, music music, mystery, nature, new news, night, nominated, nomination, nostalgic, olympic olympic, olympics, opener, opening opening, optimistic, orchestra, orchestral, oscar oscar, oscars, pack, passion, patriotic, percussion, piano, political pompous, positive, power, powerful, presentation, presentations, pride, promo, proud, red reel, regal, research, rewarding, rhythm, ride, rise, romance, romantic romantic, royal, rugby, santa, score, shopping, short, show show, sleigh slideshow, snow, soccer, solemn solemn, soundtrack, sport sport, sports sports, sporty, stadium, sting, strings, success, successful, superbowl, superheroes, suspenseful, teaser, tennis, theatre, theme, thriumphant, timelapse titles, titres, trailer trailer, tribute, trimphant, triumph, triumphal, triumphant, trumpet, trumpets, tv tv, upbeat, upflifting, uplift, uplifting uplifting, vangelis, victorious, victory victory, video violin violin, war wedding wedding, winer winner winner, winning winter, woodwinds york, youthful, zimmer zimmer,

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