chill out and whistle by Srdjan Milovanovic

Track Description

Chill Out And Whistle is a bouncy royalty free jazz swing track and a very happy dance tune, featuring jazzy acoustic bass guitar with swinging drums, stomps, claps and snaps with bright ukulele along with some light piano chops with tiny bells and xylophone and a cool chill out whistling melody that you will wear as a necklace and show it to all your friends and family members! Just whistle it out to your loved ones and they'll get the idea that this positive and carefree music piece is perfect for your commercials, happy moments and promos videos, app presentations and colorful video games, intros, openers, vlogs, nature and landscape aerial footage and more. Try it today and you will be happier than ever! Why wouldn't you be? Have fun! Several loops are included in the main pack: Chill Out And Whistle loop 1 - drums Chill Out And Whistle loop 2 - drums and stomps Chill Out And Whistle loop 3 - drums and bass Chill Out And Whistle loop 4 - drums, bass and piano Chill Out And Whistle loop 5 - drums, stomps, bass and piano Chill Out And Whistle loop 6 - whistle Also, two versions of 12 seconds, one version 23 seconds and 34 seconds are included here. Isn't that great? Enjoy it and be creative... Good luck!


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