Foley Odyssey

A Glitch Hop original mix using a variety of foley and sound design such as birds chirping, ocean waves which features lots of sound ideas that come from nature, it also incorporates electronic elements like sample based synth and vocal chops.

Horror Cinematic Hybrid Trailer

Scary, aggressive, building suspense, dark and powerful cinematic trailer / opener with clock ticking, massive impacts, risers and Hollywood hybrid braams created for film trailers, epic teasers, suspense & tension scenes, horrors or creative commercial.

Epic Modern Cinematic Trailer

The intense cinematic music piece is a good choice for your movie background, epic trailers, presentations, heroic scenes, video games, advertising presentations, and social projects.

The Epic

Epic cinematic orchestral trailer track. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, trailers, movie and video game trailer, app, blog and other projects, commercials, vlogs, timelapse and more!

A Sad Piano

Sad emotional piano composition, perfect for background, YouTube, funeral, inspiring videos, motivational, and more!

Your Bike

Old-fashioned stoner with hard-fuzz guitar, bass and drums and there nothing superfluous. Just drive, power and raw energy

Jungle World - Loop Version

Epic tribal royalty free background/beat soundtrack, contains huge of different percussion. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs a ethno/world music background. Perfect for Travel video’s and documentaries. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Iced Coffee in the Morning: Chill Lofi Vibes

This is a fun, chill instrumental featuring electronic drums, rhodes, synth bells, and more. The overall vibe is laid-back and dreamy, perfect to set the mood for a wide variety of projects! This clip could help in film projects, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, commercials, podcasts, blogs, ...

Inspire Virtual

The great background inspiring pop track with sax solo, electric piano, synths, bass, and pumping drums. Perfect for commercials, corporate presentations, slideshow, product promo, demonstrations, and other media projects.

Neoclassic Trailer

Neo classical music, adventure and travel. Ideal for a video intro, videogame, documentary, cinematic and many more.
Yann Keerim
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