Into The Light

Delicate and heartfelt film score track featuring smooth strings, vocal oohs, and piano. Perfect for underscore, inspirational content, and motivational content.

Keep Going Forward

This is a focused corporate track for promo videos, advertising, and presentations. Featuring instruments are electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synth bass, pads, catchy drums. Also fits for TV commercials, real estate, gadget reviews, youtube, travel videos, or so.

Cowboys land no drums

A fun upbeat country pickin instrumental. Energetic positive and humorous. Great for comedy, slapstick and any media needing a humorous vibe with a country sound. It has a fast paced feel so it's good for busy scenes, hectic and silliness. This tune will give your media plenty of life and bounce. a ...

Thomas Newman alike : Fairyland

Haunting, poignant sweeping modern cinematic piece drifting between tender, enigmatic balafon melodies, strummed rhythms and organic, atmospheric drums. An elegant, beautiful modern score in a similar style to Thomas Newman, American Beauty, Danny Elfman.


A nostalgic emotional track feauturing guitar as a lead insrument. Perfect for use in documentaries, travel videos, movie dramatic scenes, sentimental videos, backround music.

Flying Over Mountains

Flying Over Mountains is an orchestral piece of music which celebrates the beauty of mountain landscapes. This song is perfect for any material relating to flying, mountains and nature.

Qi Gong Master

This relaxing piece of world music is perfect for practicing qi gong, tai chi, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for relaxed nature videos. It's a mix of traditional Chinese instruments and synth pads.

Hip Hop (Stand By Me)

This nostalgic, summer, energetic hip-hop track in New York Boom Bap style is perfect for urban, city, street, graffiti, lifestyle videos, extreme sports videos, videos about cars, sports highlights, fashion, travel and promotion videos, technology and gadget videos, video blogs and more.

Challenge Exceptional - FULL MIX

Dramatic strings and horns mixed with hip hop beats and synths. Music breaks down to minimal elements only to build back up for the anthemic big finish. Sport focused for large crowd vibe. Positive, excited and lively to amp up the fans of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, M...

Death Crank - FULL MIX

Thrashing metal guitar riffing and synth bass over straight kick and snare. Chains, metal punches and various industrial sound effects added for ear candy. Ends with driving, head banging beat under distorted guitar and synth apocalyptic finish! Sports, Cardio, Competition, Extreme, Fighting, MMA, ...
Yann Keerim
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