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Sport Rock

Sport Rock is power, strong, aggressive rock beat. Perfect for TV-shows, commercials, sport projects, extreme sport videos, presentations, games, youtube videos, films.

Fight To Win

Powerful and frantic action royalty-free rock theme with distorted guitars and cinematic SFX, the Best choice for sport and action, extreme videos, video games, trailers, and teasers.

The Right Hook

A powerful, energetic royalty-free rock track with blasting drums, aggressive guitars, big hits, risers, and fat bass, best for action scenes, sports clips, or games.

Play With Fire

A bold, cinematic royalty-free rock song, with fuzzy guitars, cool bass, vocal bits, stomps, claps, organ, and percussion, best for trailers, action scenes, or games. Available in 3 versions.

The Racing Life

A powerful, punchy royalty-free metal opener, with edgy guitars, sharp solos, hybrid fx, and big drums, best for trailers, game intros, cool ads, or sports vlogs.

Workout Rock Dubstep

This royalty-free dubstep music track was made especially for your powerful and energetic projects with extreme sports or cinematic mood! Pay attention to these remarkable groovy acid guitar riffs, synth and electro moments, and energizing drums and percussion, and here's a perfect background track ...

Fire It Up

Punchy drums and a powerful guitar riff will make your video pop up. This is a perfect background track for trailers and teasers, video games and apps, intros and openers, sport and action content. 4 edits included.


Fast action paced rebellious rock anthem with super cool guitar solos, edgy guitar riffs, in your face drums and ferocious chorus. Great fit for skateboarding videos, extreme sport clips, action scenes, car races and anything that's too cool for school!

Epic Cinematic Trailer

Powerful and inspiring cinematic track with strong arrangements and energetic feel. The mood of the track is inspiring and epic. Used instruments: piano, staccato violins, electric guitar, orchestral drums, horns, inspirational overtones, sub bass, rises and hits.

Aggresive Hybrid Action Trailer

Perfect for trailers, videogames, films, intro, openers, endings, movie scenes, commercials, slideshows, sport videos and TV.

Epic Massive Hybrid Orchestral

This massive epic hybrid cinematic trailer track is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! Full range of orchestral instruments is used here including orchestral strings, choirs, brass, french horns, orchestral drums and percussions mixed with a rich variety o...

Epic Massive Hybrid Action Trailer

A dynamic, powerful and aggressive sound design track which will perfectly suit for game or movie trailer, action scenes, advertisements, extreme sports video, or any other media projects looking for driving, cinematic, epic, strong and powerful mood.

Epic Action Trailer

Modern, epic & intense Hollywood style trailer cue which slowly builds up to a hard hitting, high impact cinematic trailer track, Huge, epic, Hollywood style trailer sounds, hard hitting percussion, cinematic orchestra sections (stings and brass) and twisted synth risers.

Epic Hybrid Trailer

For trailers, big action adventure scenes, powerful High Octane Hollywood Impact! Epic Cinematic Orchestral and Electronica. Strings, majestic brass, hard hitting drums, synths… Tension building piece of music great for action movie trailer, sports, cars & pirate

Be Epical

An orchestral, dramatic, epic, heroic, inspiring and powerful cinematic music for your project. This epic track is perfect for a video games / films / movie trailer and any other project that needs heroic and emotional epic music. Featuring piano, rhythmic strings, powerful horns and epic percussion

Epic Inspirational Electronic Power

Modern inspirational cinematic music for your projects! An epic and powerful piece which will perfectly suit for game or movie trailer, advertising, or any other media projects looking for upbeat, epic and motivational mood.

Epic Hopeful Suspense

Epic dramatic music that has a dangerous, suspenseful style yet with elements of hope and optimism. Perfect for productions needing a musical mood that walks the line between edgy, suspenseful tension and a positive, hopeful outcome or resolution. Great for segues and resolving between a dark or d...

Hybrid Epic Trailer

Hybrid epic music with orchestral instruments and custom sound design elements.

Yann Keerim
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