Sports Royalty Free Music

Give the extra boost with extreme music for sport productions.

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Fight Till The End

Composer: MusicTrend
This is an intense action music with strong hard rock sound and powerful modern dubstep beat. This aggressive and edgy royalty free track can be perfect background audio for action and sport videos, games, car racing videos, bodybuilding and powerlifting videos, workout and weightlifting videos, fig...


Composer: Media_M
STOMP Stomp is an upbeat energetic percussion track featuring stomps, claps, snaps and other percussive elements.

EDM Strike - 30sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in: Main version / Background only / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. Energy and fun DANCE EDM for disco party with hands up!

new sneakers beat

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
New sneakers beat is a powerful, driving, moving, uplifting and inspiring epic cinematic drum percussion track using taiko drums,snaps,claps,djembe,tambourine... This track is perfect for sports and extreme sports videos,commercial,corporate,action video,dance projects,cinematic epic trailer and man...

The Finish Line

Composer: Michael Adels
Bright, strong and epic orchestral pop with an intense feeling of pride, honor and glory. Perfect for advertising, sports, games and many more.

The Finish Line (no drums)

Composer: Michael Adels
Bright, strong and epic orchestral pop with an intense feeling of pride, honor and glory. Perfect for advertising, sports, games and many more.


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
STOMPS – Energetic human stomps. Sounds of boots, claps and snaps. Great for film production, sports , television broadcasting , game Youtube videos and more.. 100% REAL SOUND !!

Power Of The Glory

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Uplifting, orchestral music for sports opener, trailer and intros. Also great for underscoring scenes with emotions.

Sport Presentation

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Powerful and bright Trailer music for your video sport projects, presentations, media, TV, News, movies, commercials, advertisments.


Composer: André Lund
Energetic, cool and groovy rock track. Featuring bouncy drums, driving guitars and subtle electronic elements in a modern sound. Perfect for sports, promotional videos, advertisement, youtube, action scenes, trailers and much more! Planning to use this track for YouTube? This track is registered w...


Composer: Paul Werner
Being sporty and energetic this track builds up with drums, guitars and bass for an athletic introduction. Perfect for podcast, commercial and youtube content.

Rock Till Ya Drop (No Lead Guitar)

Composer: Neil Cross
Hard Rock track with a solid driving beat, groovy bass line and powerful, edgy guitars. This track has serious attitude, and is great for projects needing energetic, uplifting Rock music.

Future Bass Electronic

Composer: Melomaker
Bright and fresh future bass composition with thick drums and warm synths, piano chords and various effects. Suitable for any project needing ambient but melodic and groovy musical backgrounds, especially timelapse and macromode video productions of nature and urban city places.

Heavy Duty

Composer: Michael Adels
Intense track with kind of factory and working noise. Distorted guitars for a rough edge and powerful sound.

Anxious Heart

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A dramatic synth track with a lot of tension and movement. Perfect for racing or action scenes.

Motivational Sport Epic Rock Trailer

Composer: BeepCode
This is a new epic-track track by BeepCode for your video projects. From the first notes the music keeps in emotional tension. This tension gradually increases along with the pizzicato strings, which support the distortion guitar and brass. Harsh, biting drums minted the rhythm and bring the righ...

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