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Funky Funky

Funk groove track with rhythm and wah-wah guitar, horn section, baritone sax, syncopated bass guitar, brass, catchy drums for TV show opener, YouTube videos, promotions, presentations, birthday celebration, corporate videos, background music, TV advertising, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, ...

Funky Riff Breakbeat

'Funky Riff Breakbeat' is a stylish, groovy, fun and upbeat funk track! Perfect for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool and suave videos, heist films, spy films, sports, action, podcasts, funny videos, YouTube videos, positive videos, and much m...

Indie Pop Summer Vibes

A feel good, fresh and funky indie pop track with dance vibes! Perfect for background music, summer videos, holiday videos, adventures, surfing, beaches, fashion, night life, party, dancing/clubbing videos, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, photo montages and mu...

Funk Groove

Funk style with energetic bass, electric guitars with wah wah effect, drums, organ, rhodes piano and brass ? uplifting and cheerful. Perfect for commercials, videos, films, TV promos and all motivational and inspirational projects.

Pick up the Phone (loop)

Mellow retro funk with melodic acoustic piano, delayed saxophone and muted trumpet,disco bass and funk guitar.

Parlez Party (loop)

retro funk with wah guitar, fender rhodes,clavinet and flute riff.

Groovin Groover (loop)

A retro funk groove with a 'billy jean' walking bass, fender rhodes, funky guitar and retro synths

Funk It Immediately!

Funky and groovy energetic background music track. Will give funky and drive feel to your media projects.

G-Force (loop)

Uptempo mellow funky club tune with funky elements, delayed piano and walking synth bass. Vocoded male samples.

Funk Dude 04

An uptempo retro funk groove with fender rhodes,brass,funk guitar and clavinet.

Funk Dude 1 (loop)

A retro funky underscore with fender rhodes piano, trumpet riffs and funk guitar

Crunchy Funk (loop)

A retro funky underscore with fender rhodes piano and funky guitars combined with retro lead synth

Stop At Nothing (60 sec) v2

Energetic, uplifting track with a fresh, funky sound. Jumpy dance groove with solid beat, funky bass and edgy guitar/synths. Fun, punchy and motivating!

Funky Disco Fever (60 sec)

Funky, uplifting track with a modern twist on the classic 70’s Funk sound. Starts with a cool guitar riff over a punchy drum/bass groove, then builds into a fun chorus part with live horn section. This track is quirky, catchy and motivating - sure to get your feet tapping! Perfect for happy, dance...

Palm tree in my garden

"Palm tree in my garden" by hooyoosay sounds like a happy beach-pool-summer fun song, and offers a cocktail of pop, rap, R&B, alternative, funk, and a bluesy, vintage feel. It deals with the topic of having all the wealth and popularity in the world, but then perhaps falling short of true friendsh...

Funky Jam

''Funky Jam'' has a great groove, you can hear lots of electric guitars, electro piano, scratch, analog synth, brass section and cool bass lines. Great for slideshows, travels films, TV shows for presentations, adverts, YouTube videos and more.

Phat Angry Catchy Funk

Groovy background track with funk ingredients: brass section, groovy bass, funky wah and mute guitars with tasty phrases of horn section. Will be perfect for opener, lifestyle, corporate videos, commercials, holidays, adventure, slideshows, party promo, beach party, events, festival, web page music...

Yann Keerim
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