Frank Schlimbach - 20 tracks

Composer for crime, thriller and horror tv underscore.

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Cloud Waves

Ambient chill out music for meditation and yoga, relaxation, sleep and study.

Moving Clouds

Peaceful, ambient meditation background music for study, yoga and relaxation. Also great for underscoring scenes with themes like self reflection, romance and love.


Dark, scary horror trailer music with staccato strings, monster impacts, big brass and horrific witches voice. Great for all kind of promo, opener, intro and trailer.

Broken Klavier

A dark, orchestral underscore with extraordinary sound design and piano fx for horror, crime, thriller and action themes. Great for horror or thriller movies, video games.

Ghost In The Mirror

Dark and scary sound design trailer music for all kind of horror themes with unexpected impacts, calm piano, low booms, reversed fx and monster brass. Great for opener, intro, promo and trailer.


Dark, underground hip hop with original vocals for crime and thriller themes.

Cold Turkey

Dark, underground hip hop music with original vocals for all kind of drug abuse related themes.

Crazy Circus Clown

Crazy circus music for horror themes with accordion and typical circus instruments creating a mood of tension and suspense.

Monster In The Closet

Dark, scary horror trailer music with evil voices in the style of The Grudge.

Fight For The Crown

Epic, memorable royalty-free orchestral music, with dark strings, pads, cellos, horns, hits, and war drums, best for games, trailers, adventure, pirates and fantasy related projects.

Circus Of Lost Souls

Scary and haunting circus music with a nostalgic flair and a waltz rhythm using accordions, harmonium and melodeum to create a sad mood of loneliness and fear. ideal score for horror movies, spooky and creepy content, suspenseful scenes and more.

A New Day Rising

Organic piano underscore with string elements, woodwinds, guitar and powerful drums sound alike the German gothic band Lacrimosa. With melodic, memorable epic choir melody in the intense final.

A Long Path

Pulsing, dramatic, orchestral music with war drums and frightening orchestra melody. Great for battle movies scenes, war content, drama and similar. Intense final with driving percussion and brass section.

Alternating Sparkles

Organic underscore music for crime, thriller and scenes like decision making, heartbreak and leaving. Super slow buildup with tension and suspense.

Along With The Gods

Epic, intense trailer music with calm piano intro and powerful brass and string final. Great for adventure, fantasy and battle.

Alien Invasion

Dark, sound design trailer music for science fiction, crime, horror and thriller. With huge impacts and distorted synth sounds.

A World Of Plucking

Organic sounding tv underscore with strings for tension scenes like crime and thriller underscore. Very slow buildup, great for to create a mood of suspense and tension.

On The Trail Of The Murderer

Dark, sound design tv underscore with organic strings for crime, thriller and dramatic scenes.

A New World

Emotional, orchestral music for fantasy, adventure and big pictures. With epic, intense final featuring brass ensemble and driving percussion.
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