Mr. Terrible

32 Royalty Free Track(s)

A multi genre sync music composer/audio engineer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Very versatile in the production of different musical genres and experienced in creating music for different media.

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Chiming Wind

Composer: Mr. Terrible
A slow motivational orchestral piece perfect for feel good commercials.

The Breeze

Composer: Mr. Terrible
An energetic and motivational orchestral piece perfect for commercials.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
An uptempo energetic orchestral piece perfect for commercials.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
A cool R&B-type track with lush broken electric piano chords and melodies over a chill Hip-Hop beat with background effects.

Fighting For

Composer: Mr. Terrible
A very chilled jazzy track with soothing electric piano chords over light midtempo drums.

Chord Dance

Composer: Mr. Terrible
A warm synthy R&B-type track with melodic vocal loops over a chill beat.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
Synth chords driven hip-hop instrumental with piano solo over a cool lounge beat.

No Go

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Uptempo energetic grooving house track led by a nice bass melody with soft vocal hits and synths perfect for commercials.

Set Me Up

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Harp-driven pop track with nice piano chords on an electronic beat perfect for commercials.

Oriental Commas

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Asian-type Hip-Hop/R&B-track with piano chords and a hypnotizing floating vocal over a trap beat.

The City

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Hip-hop track with lush piano and electric piano chords over a groovy bass melody and dreamy background synths.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
A cool warm R&B-type floating piano piece with a bouncy beat.

Messin Around

Composer: Mr. Terrible
A cool uptempo deephouse track with a nice bass groove and arpeggio synth perfect for commercials.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
Rhytmic hip-hop drum filled track with nice piano chords accompanied by a groovy bass and complimenting synths.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
FX looping uptempo track that nicely rides the groove using short loops over nice piano chords.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
Break-beat bumping hip-hop instrumental with nice piano chords accompanied by a funky jumpy synth melody.

Organ Wheel

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Deep feelgood piano hip-hop instrumental with a rhythmic and grooving synth feel and a nice traveling harp section.


Composer: Mr. Terrible
Nice synth based chilled and groovy midtempo track with warm chords perfect for montages.

Low Groove

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Drum driven hip-hop instrumental with lush piano chords and a dreamy synth melody.

Local Makers

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Smooth jazzy bass driven drum track with warm soothing electric piano chords and a top piano/marimba melody perfect for commercials.

Hi Hamm

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Smooth broken piano chords driven track with a warm background and chill drums that build into a groovy and funky organ solo.
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