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Just Be Happy

''Just Be Happy'' is a tender, melodic, and lovely track that brings thoughts of summer, happy days in the sun. Background music for videos, wedding themes, family videos, happy slideshows, summer themes, vacation videos, music for children, presentations, vlogs, advertising, social media, websites,...

The Crow

''The Crow'' is a suspenseful gangster hip-hop track that sets the mood for a dramatic, suspenseful, and emotional projection. Included powerful and dirty beat with orchestra, guitar, scratches, organ, and synths. Background music for videos, action films, trailers, gangsta rap themes, video games, ...

Kids Adventures

''Kids Adventures'' is ? upbeat, happy, and optimistic track featuring bouncy acoustic guitars, bright bells, playful piano, whistling, banjo, trombone, and a fun groove complete with handclaps and finger snaps. Background music for family videos, children’s projects, funny and charming videos, va...

Future Brain

''Future Brain'' is a powerful, hard, electronic track with a mix between a retro (80’s synth) feels and modern sounds. Background music for videos, industrial video projects, hi-tech videos, sci-fi films, science documentaries, technical presentations, corporate videos, advertising and marketing ...

Ominous Lair

''Ominous Lair'' is a playful, spooky, funny, mystical, suspenseful orchestral track in the style of Halloween with a scary and magical mood. This track is perfectly suited for comical horror movies, cartoon themes, tv shows, video games, dark humor scenes, quirky comedy, thrillers, ghosts, etc

Mama Africa

''Mama Africa” is ethnic hybrid music that includes different types of African traditional instruments in a modern vision. Background music for video, travel documentaries, ethical themes, adventure films, YouTube videos, presentations, vlogs, advertising and marketing videos, social media, websit...

Prelude to the Battle

''Prelude to the Battle'' - is an Epic Cinematic Background Music/Dramatic Orchestral Trailer Music. Background music for videos, films, cinematic scenes, movie trailers, gaming videos, game trailers, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial purposes,...

Wonderful World

''Wonderful World'' is a motivational and inspirational pop-rock track for your corporate / presentation projects! Background music for videos, presentations, successful videos, championship adventure commercials, corporate videos, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, Linkedin,...
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