Asterios Papastamatakis

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Born on 30/6/1973, lives in Athens Greece. Studied classical piano until the age of 19, then from `92 to `96 attended Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated with a diploma in commercial arranging. While there, he studied jazz piano improvisation with Jerry Berconzi, arranging with Donny Nolan, jazz piano with John Arcaro and jazz harmony with Jeff Friedman.

In 1996 he relocates to Athens Greece, where he forms his own bands, plays with numerous famous Greek artists and explores different musical styles. For 5 years he taught music theory, harmony, jazz piano and ensembles at "Filipos Nakas Conservatory" to native students and exchange Berklee students attending one of their semesters in Greece.

Within the past 5 years his dedication to the Hammond led him to form two groups - ``G-play`` and ``Datfunk``, which are both Hammond trios with which he plays gigs all around Greece and he is currently at the completion of his first album which is going to be released this winter.
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black hole sun

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the way to heaven

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Yann Keerim
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