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I am a music composer for film and media and my passion is to create beautiful compelling music that suits many types of projects. I hope you enjoy my music as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

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Hot Summer Fun

This is a royalty-free pop track that features acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion elements. The mood is laidback and sunshiny. Perfect for entertainment videos, advertisement, presentations and a lot more.

Determined For Success

This is a catchy energetic track. It conveys a sense of power, perseverance and strength. Perfect for upbeat corporate projects, urban videos, tv commercials, and more.

My Little Gypsy Girl

A cheerful, French gypsy jazz, with acoustic guitars, solos, upright bass, female vocals, claps and swing drums, best for comedies, cooking shows, or cabaret.

Electric Mood

Energetic uplifting track well suited for sports videos, advertising, motivational events, fashion club, workout gym or any project where pumping energy is needed.

Your Hilarious Ways

This is a happy and bubbly track that features an acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, human whistle and light brushed drums. Perfect for children’s films or theme shows, cartoons, light comedies, and more. Track total time is 1:00.

What A Wonderful Ride

This is a royalty-free orchestral ballad featuring a gentle piano melody with lush strings. The mood is calm and nostalgic. Perfect for home movies, presentations, and a lot more.

Take Me To The Country Fair

This is a royalty-free country music track featuring harmonica and fiddle along with bass, brushed drums and acoustic guitar. The mood is joyous and lively. Perfect for advertisement, films, TV/Radio shows, and a lot more.

A Cinematic Introduction

Here is a full orchestral crescendo with a grandiose rise and final punch. Inspired by the 20th Century Fox movie introduction. Perfect for presentations, intros, outros, and more!

Dance Of The Clovers

Light and expressive theme that conveys an authentic Irish flavor. It features a chamber orchestra and a piccolo flute that takes the listener right into the rolling hills of Ireland with its beautiful landscapes. Perfect for video games, TV shows, movies, advertising and more.

The King and Queen Festive Celebration

Inspiring and expressive orchestral track featuring string chamber section, grand piano, and a solo cello. Perfect for TV themes, film underscore, and podcast sound design and audio.

Remembering All of You

An emotional, epic cinematic ballad that begins with a soft piano line which grows stronger with beautiful strings. It features a beautiful solo English Horn and solo Trumpet. The mood is calm, dramatic, nostalgic and emotional. This is perfect for heroic funerals, slideshows, or memorials.

Mystical Enchanted Flute

Mystical and elegant cinematic track featuring solo alto flute, harp, strings, women's choir, and light percussion. Perfect for film underscore, video game underscore, social media content, and much much more!

Let The Kids Play

Happy and whimsical classical track featuring orchestral strings, woodwinds, and light percussion. Ideal for children's films, comedies, adventure games, and more.

A Fun Cross-Country Ride

Laid-back and joyful country track featuring slide acoustic guitar, rhythmic piano, and background vocals. Perfect for travel vlogs, social media campaigns, and more.

Happy Just To Dance With You

This is a joyful and energetic country/folk track. It features a lively banjo, nice fiddle, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and accordion. Perfect for podcast themes, documentaries, and more.

Ambient Bliss

This is a dreamy, magical ambient track, with pads, heavenly vocals, piano bits and percussion. Best for meditative, nature, or emotional film contents.

Walking Along The Seashore

An inspiring, relaxed music piece, with a lovely acoustic guitar, flutes, light strings, and percussion. Best for landscapes, love stories, or nature footage.

A Soft Serenade

A beautiful serenade that begins with a soft piano introduction accompanied by a woodwinds and strings ensemble, later joined by an emotional solo cello and solo viola. This romantic music is perfect for film production, video, advertising, short film, wedding videos, and more.
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