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I make music to express an atmosphere, a mood. It's not just sounds, but the story I want to tell. My music is not registered with any collecting society or in the CID system of Youtube. I use Logic Pro X and I create my works totally on my own. I'm open to particular requests and/or suggestions. Trying to improve every day.

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Happy and inspirational track, good for commercials, vlogs, podcasts and more. Light-hearted mood, I missed summer and I wrote this. It sounds like holidays to me. Five different versions available: - full track (2:55) - 60 seconds edit - 30 seconds edit - 15 seconds edit - loop edit Enjoy :)

Falling Stars (nature sounds)

Dreamy atmosphere for a peaceful night. An acoustic guitar, some effects and the sounds of nature. Super relaxing. Two versions available: one is only guitar, one has sounds of nature.

Whistling Out Chilling Out

Whistling Out Chilling Out is a country guitar track, with some whistling easy lines. Perfect for soundtracks, podcasts, video tutorial.

Melancholia (emotional piano)

Melancholia (emotional piano) is a sweet, soft, slow piano track. Good for advertisements, descriptive videos and soundtracks. Instruments used: piano + a soft carpet of strings.

Mysterious (suspenseful movie soundtrack)

Mysterious is a very descriptive and suspenseful track, can be creepy but also bright. It grows slowly, with a sense of expectation, it's perfect for fantasy movie soundtracks or trailers. Synth pads, arpeggiated bells, strings, a flute and movie effects in it.

Night Adventure (trailer music)

Night Adventure is an energetic and adventurous track, perfect for trailers or epic video. It has a suspenseful and thrilling mood, exciting and daring. I used strings, percussions and movie effects, everything laying on a synth base. Two versions available, long and short.

Shatsu Theme (meditation mood)

Shatsu Theme is a meditative, slow and very peaceful track. It's soft and relaxing, perfect for a descriptive video or a documentary, but it works good also as a soundtrack or in a serious podcast. Instruments used: soft synth pads, arpeggiated synth bells, a soft touch on percussions, some noise fr...

Soft Piano (gentle, emotional)

Relaxing and peaceful track, slow, calm and delicate. Piano, glockenspiel and some strings in the end. Very sweet, gentle. Sort of lullaby.

Piano Mood (emotional & sweet)

Quiet and relaxing mood, good for a descriptive video or a fantasy soundtrack. Piano harmony and a tender flute melody. Some soft strings and bells to add some colours.
Yann Keerim
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