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Italian composer Davide Dondi made his first steps in the music world as a bass player. This supportive harmonic role has given him the opportunity to enjoy the real core of songs’ structure, and this ultimately lead to him studying music composition. He likes to mix modern synth sounds with regular and classic instruments, in order to create tracks with both a solid foundation and a touch of originality, giving your projects an up-to-date and distinctive style.

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Cheerful Style Intro

A breezy and carefree intro, with bouncy and stylish synth bass, fresh keyboards and cool drums and percussion.

Brave Soldiers

An aggressive and powerful hybrid trailer, with strong and edgy synth sound design mixed with epic drumming and big bold orchestral horns. Brave Soldiers starts with a longing and emotional soft vibe, suddenly followed by a driving and intense climax. A heavy track for your dark, ominous and fearful...

Cool Trap

A funky and stylish opener, with groovy trap drums and creative synth sounds. Perfect for vlogs, Youtube channels, Instagram, podcasts and other social media.

Getting Up

A cool and stylish opener, with smooth house drums and catchy synth sounds. Perfect for vlogs, Youtube channels, Instagram, podcasts, influencers and other social media applications.
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