John Emil Montagnino

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John Emil, an accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist, and a master of slide guitar, has delivered show stopping performances at major music festivals like the Telluride Blues and Brews Fest, the Leek Blues & Americana Festival UK, the Florida Folk Festival, the Decatur Blues and Bluegrass Festival, the Bangor On Dee Blues Festival UK and Garden & Gun Festival support act for The Steep Canyon Rangers. ? Equally adept with the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar and Dobro, Emil first appeared on the South Florida music scene in 2000. Fans hear haunting, subtle hints of Delta bluesmen Son House and Blind Willie Johnson, but Emil ultimately creates a unique style all his own by integrating country blues, folk and bluegrass sounds into his repertoire.
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Underwater Scenes

Bubbly synth sound with relaxed jamming bass, ukulele samples, electric slide guitar and a chilled R&B drums. Very grooving, laid back and positive.

Flowing Streams

Very chilled laid back samples of jazz guitar chords, very warm with an R&B drums and bass guitar. Mid tempo with a warm vibey feel.

Driving by Lights

Very chill R&B beat with chill lounge jazz chords, soothing deep bass synth and jazz chord samples. Slow tempo, warm and positive. Very relaxed and urban.

9th Planet

Jamming spacey track with R&B drums, bass, synth and cosmic electric slide guitar. Mid tempo and very grooving. Beautiful piano and synth ending.

Sunshine Good By

Solo acoustic slide guitar. Americana country feel. Warm, reflective and beautiful.

Southern Skys

Very beautiful warm Americana country track on the acoustic lap steel guitar. Solo slide guitar, reflective and atmospheric.

No Rest Till You

Solo acoustic slide guitar. Very moody, timeless and dark feel. Distant.

Moving Away Now

Moody timeless solo acoustic slide guitar track. Dark and resonant. Mid tempo Americana. Reflective and atmospheric.

Missing Steps

Solo acoustic track on the Weissenborn guitar or acoustic lap steel. Mid tempo, moody with a timeless feel. A little dark, drama, and distant.

Leaving Today

Very reflective moody atmospheric track. Solo acoustic lap steel slide guitar with ringing harmonics. Slow tempo with a sad, loss or expecting feel.

Evening Porch

Solo acoustic slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very warm, positive, reflective and atmospheric. Americana, country folk type feel.

Blue Day Sun

Very beautiful positive acoustic track. Slide guitar on the acoustic lap steel guitar. Americana, country. Reflective, positive and atmospheric.

Amy's Smile

Solo slide guitar on the Weissenborn or acoustic lap steel guitar. Very reflective acoustic track. Pretty, warm, atmospheric and positive.

Vacation Island

Fun, laid back jam on the beach feel with strumming ukulele and shakers. Island, tropical beach party.

Underwater Love

Melodic ukulele and beautiful slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Laid back, relaxed, romantic and warm. Slow tempo.

Sunny Day Dream

Graceful ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very resonant, warm, beautiful, romantic and sunny.

Ocean Smiles

Very pretty combination of melodic ukulele lines and the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very beautiful, lovely and peaceful.

Maui Ragtime

1920's ragtime feel with strumming ukulele and slide guitar on the Dobro. Mid tempo, warm and quirky.

Lovely Oahu

Warm melodic ukulele and slide guitar on the electric Hawaiian lap steel. Slow tempo and beautiful. Warm, tropical and dreamy.

Island Water Falls

Beautiful combination of ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Warm, tropical and romantic. Very laid back, pretty and relaxed.

Grass Skirts

Very happy melodic & strumming ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar. Positive, mid tempo and warm feel.
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