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I played drums and sang professionally in bands for 20+ years. We performed a lot of original material ranging from Rock to Blues to Country to R&B Funk and everything in between. Based on those earlier influences and experiences, I focus on melody and chord/timing changes that make my songs unique. My music crosses genres seamlessly, always paying homage to the greats who came before, while never copying or trying to be a sound-a-like. A number of my works have been featured on podcasts and CD compilations in the US, Canada, Europe, The UK and Asia. While a variety of genres are represented, I'm absolutely a Classic Rocker at heart. All songs were recorded at GAT3 Studios, a Grammy, BET and Dove engineering award winning studio in Charlotte, NC USA with the help of world-class studio players.

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Rockin' Country line dance with mean slide guitar and powerful female vocal. Fun sing-along chorus.

This is a seduction with plenty of attitude and sass, told from a female vantage point, highlighted by a mean slide guitar and hypnotic cowbell rhythm. Girl meets boy in a Country Bar & Dance Hall with a serious funk groove, and a powerful sing-along chorus. The singer asks, "What kind of love am ...

Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) - Hand-clapping, foot-stomping New Orleans-style Gospel Rock!

This is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping sing-along Gospel rocker, done in a New Orleans R&B shuffle style. It was named a Finalist in the International Song Of The Year and Great American Song competitions in the Christian or Inspirational categories. Done in a style reminiscent of Dr. John, Little F...

Crunching Classic Hard Rock with timing changes and serious guitar. Yes-like cascading harmonies. Sports themed

High-energy, driving "New Classic" rocker with 80s and 90s influences. Features Yes-like vocal harmonies over a bed of guitar-driven arena rock, with lyrical themes perfect for sporting events. Similar in style to Black Country Communion, Glenn Hughes, Sammy Hagar, Thin Lizzy and Def Leppard.

Tender Kisses Everywhere - gentle acoustic piano love song with male vocal

Shy and romantic ballad about overwhelming attraction and new-found feelings of love. Anyone who has spent time on the road knows this story well - meeting someone special but realizing you have to leave the next day.regardless. Poignant, sweet and intimate this is isimply 1 piano and 1 voice in a...

Piano ballad about getting older and life retrospective as you're aging - male vocal

Simple piano ballad about realizing the more you change, the more you stay the same over the course of your life. Regardless of how many years have passed, there's still a boy in every man. Very sparse and acoustic, 1 piano and 1 male voice only with some timing/tempo changes to keep the listener's...

Bright Southern Rock song about overcoming obstacles and never giving up. Plenty of harmonies and tasteful guitar work!

All road musicians have felt doubt at one time or another, but this is about overcoming fears and triumphing over any misgivings. The singer wants to share your experience by being your Music Man Tonight! Modern yet Classic at the same time, this is equal parts John Mayer and The Allman Brothers w...

Upbeat Country-Rock road trip song about leaving home to find a new life

Not a knock on Ohio at all, this is a road-trip song about leaving home to start a new life somewhere else, and hopefully finding love along the way. Southern Rock sing-along with excellent guitar work, dynamics and kicks. Influences include Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and The Eagles.

Farmer's Daughter - Seductive Country-Rock mashup of George Strait and Pink Floyd.

This is a seduction: Boy meets Girl on a lonely Country road, and anything goes when that happens. Humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Probably the first ever mashup of George Strait or Garth Brooks meet Pink Floyd. Song has a dream-like quality, featuring nice tremolo and pedal steel guitars in addi...

Cowboy - Energetic retro-traditional Country with fiddle and pedal steel. Fun, uplifting, male vocal

Retro-Traditional Country shuffle featuring fiddle, pedal steel and multiple guitars. Happy and upbeat, it's about growing up dreaming about being the hero of a TV Western, saving the girl, capturing the bad guy, and having a shiny Colt .45 with a pearl handle. Fun and imaginative. Stylistically...

High-energy Electric Blues throwdown - think Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Bonamassa, Gregg Allman

High-energy Electric Blues jam, featuring dueling guitars and Hammond B3 organ. Think Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Joe Bonamassa & Gregg Allman in a hot Blues throwdown! This is all about players playing and letting the instruments talk back and forth in a Blues Conversation. Lots of dynamic kicks ...

Totally-acoustic romantic love song, classical guitars and male vocal with harmonies

Simple but intimate and romantic love song, featuring only acoustic & classical guitar plus male voice and harmonies. The song itself is a daydream, someone being away from home but imagining being there with the one he loves. It's a study in major and minor, switching back and forth between the t...
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