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JAS Music is a music composition service providing new and contemporary productions to fit corporate commercials, films, advertising/marketing videos, media projects, radio stations, video games and more or less any venture that requires original music to a screen! I specialise in writing high quality original music in a multitude of genres and styles ranging from; rock/indie/soul flavoured guitar tracks, light and happy Ukulele-based music to epic cinematic orchestral arrangements for film projects, electronic and synth-based pop tracks, festive holiday jingles (e.g. Christmas) and much more.

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Fun Upbeat Retro Soul

A fun, upbeat, retro and soulful dance track with great energy! An ideal track for funny adverts or videos with twist dancing and comedy. Also great for platform video games or a TV game show theme! Tight clean electric guitars, punchy walking bass lines, fast drum rhythms, bright xylophone/gl...

Exotic Bossa Nova

A smooth and colourful bossa nova track. Ideal for background music, romantic and silent scenes, advertising (think perfumes and luxury items/restaurants), romcoms and all much more! Bright piano melodies, soft string undertones, short brass stabs, tight and syncopated percussion rhythms and ...

Epic Corporate Soundscape

An inspirational, synth-heavy, powerful corporate track. Big soundscape! Ideal for advertising, inspirational, uplifting, achieving and success, motivational background videos, sports/athlete commercials, car commercials and many other video projects. For e.g. beautiful scenery driving background...

Emotional Dramatic Cinematic

An emotional and dramatic orchestral cinematic track. Ideal for beautiful scenery background music, love stories, silent animated short films, films with homecoming and farewell scenes, valentine's day and Christmas advertisements, romcoms, video games. Flight scenes in commercials. Majestic...

Electronica Hazy Dream (Versions 1 + 2)

A lush, hazy, dreamy and colourful electronica track - version 1 with a big compressed drum kit sound and version 2 with an electronic 909 drum machine sound. Ideal for modern corporate adverts and commercials (think fashion, slow-motion night life scenes, new technology, applications, and new insp...

Corporate Inspiration

An uplifting, inspiring and motivational corporate track. Ideal for corporate commercials, advertising, inspirational, uplifting, and motivational background videos, corporate presentations, and many other video projects. For e.g. beautiful scenery background music. Bright grand piano, melodic...

Christmas Holiday Party

A fun, positive, uplifting and big-sounding Christmas track. An ideal track for Christmas videos (corporate and non-commercial), Christmas parties, film/media projects, TV and radio advertising, holiday videos, marketing videos, YouTube videos, family/life videos, games and applications. Gallo...

Bright Ukulele Folk

A bright, uplifting and fun ukulele based track with a full band. An ideal track for background music in modern advertising commercials for major corporate companies. It's light mood and popular sound would be great for Christmas seasonal adverts too. Tightly strummed ukuleles, fun and catchy ...
Yann Keerim
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