Positive collection : 25 tracks

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7 summerbeat

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.

Handyman(TV commercial)

Folksy , uplifting , friendly . Commercial For Radio and TV Acoustic guitars , claps , drums , sliding guitar , organ 50sec

life style tv light comedy 13

An upbeat, bright and perky pop soundtrack with a catchy tune and a pulsing rhythmic beat. Lively and exciting vibe that is right on target for Life style TV shows, lifestyle, infomercials or any positive, uplifting media project. Instrumental Contemporary drums , acc guitars , marimba , pizz ,bas...

natural products

A light and delicate pop/orchestral track. Feeling fresh, positive, uplifting, good vibrations. Good for commercials, fun holidays, fun and exciting travel and adventure, and much.

redwood (60-secs version)

A slow and emotional electric Americana country track, played on pedal steelguitar and slide guitar over various electric guitars and bass. Big chordswith a sense of drama or emotion, drums building up gradually.

strings of holiday

Modern orchestral Piece with Strings and synthetic breakbeat drums that communicate the feel of suspense, tension, emotional stress. Fast, powerful but melodic.

good things

Energetic, positive and confident Grand Piano piece. Very dynamical, motivating, and intense

orchestral logo premiere a (10 sec)

Orchestral stinger/intro/outro consisting of strings, trumpet, French horn, orchestral percussion. Full length 25 sec.


A magical and mysterious composition featuring soaring piano, orchestra and a mystical bells, leads you to the world of fairy tales and Christmas, wizards and dream lands.

Paris starlight complete

A fresh and uplifting pop-electronica crossover track. Very gentle and friendly with appealing piano melodiesand an upbeat but fairly soft electronic drums rhythm. An ambient mix is also available,without the drums for a more floating background feel. A wonderfully positive, feelgood track.

Take me higher loop01

A sincere and wholesome, acoustic pop-rock track. Friendly and appealingproduction. Highly suitable for young people's programming, teenagers and pre-teens,youth drama, family and friendships, hopes and aspirations.

non stop super (loop 03)

A mid-tempo, confident, moderately busy, sizzling electronic background groove. Great for useas underscore with data presentation, company information, world wide corporate info, sportsfootage, high-tech, business, news ticker, or new ideas and concepts.


This track is a very moving pop/rock composition, with spiccato strings playing the melody and acoustic guitar rhythmic accompaniment, it's the track you will want to have for your fabulous websites and videos.

Positive Drops

Uplifting and motivating corporate track great for commercials, promos, television themes, websites and videos with a positive, lighthearted and heartwarming touch. Inspirational music for successful projects. gentle, warm and sweet composition.
Yann Keerim
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