Beat Fashion collection : 9 tracks

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7 summerbeat

Production Music suitable for documentaries, games, ads, web. Covering all music styles, Nikos Platyrachos has been producing music for films and commercials.

Man turns animals 2

Remake of Zarathustra . Heavy metal style . Energetic For Life and Reality TV Orchestral score ,distorted guitars ,drums 0min 30sec

ladder to the sky

An inspiring and uplifting melody with a contemplative mood is driven by powerful breakbeats and synths mixed with organic elements like acoustic guitar and piano. instrumental, breakbeat, progressive, acoustic guitar, contemplative, piano Electronic Dance

comedy Central 3

Funky band music with positive energy . TV and Web friendly Drums , guitar and organ solos , Rhodes , bass , contemporary percussions , brass section 1min 43sec

Film Trailer Drums Four

A film trailer styled action cue with big drums and percussion. Intensely dangerous, with a climactic buildup. Brooding and suspenseful.

the city 10-secs

This short track is funky mix of R&B, Jazz and Funk. Very cool, chic,with it. Great for TV show intro, commercial, fashion, cool life, city streets... etc.Available as a 30-seconds, 20-seconds, 10-seconds, or as a seamless music loop.

Material man

Club traks with very loud drum kit, loudness and hardness sound for impact effects.
Yann Keerim
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