Beds - Background collection : 80 tracks

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O Come All Ye Faithful 30secs

Acoustic guitar, flute and keyboard- nice and cosy versionof the traditional Christmas classic.

I Will Be There (underscore)

A mid-tempo, melodic and appealing pop-rock track based on acoustic guitars, drums and piano. Easy-going andfriendly, sincere and uplifting yet with a tender and emotional side. Melodic, instrumental soft-rock. Also availablein an underscore version, without the lead guitar which gives the track a w...

morning coffee

Very positive, happy, summerly pop song with male vocals, featuring a catchy melody, piano, synth, organ, strinsg, bass and drums.

Handyman(TV commercial)

Folksy , uplifting , friendly . Commercial For Radio and TV Acoustic guitars , claps , drums , sliding guitar , organ 50sec


Description :A determined positive track that develops and collects energy as it progresses. You can feel the energy build as in overdrive as the track develops. Key Words: future speed progress confident drive fly

life style tv light comedy 19

Mid Tempo , bright and perky pop soundtrack with a catchy tune and a pulsing rhythmic beat. Lively and exciting vibe that is right on target for Life style TV shows, lifestyle, infomercials or any positive, uplifting media project. Instrumental Contemporary drums , acc guitars , marimba ,bass . el...

over easy

A unique fusion of acoustic and electronic instruments a la Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation. This atmospheric, contemplative downtempo piece keeps a steady rhythm while switching between organic and synthetic elements. instrumental, breakbeat, atmospheric, piano, processed Electronic Downtem...

winters night

A short, wintery cue with filtered drums, bells, cathedral piano and orchestral strings. Calls to mind a light snowstorm and the changing of the seasons. instrumental, strings, piano, bells, subtle Orchestral Underscore


Enter the realm of the microscopic. Includes a chippy, driving triplet beat with retro synths and a swelling, dynamic progression! Great for anything involving science and technology. instrumental, retro, chiptune, triplet, video game Electronic Video Game

cubic movement

Contemplative, groove-driven electronica designed to call to mind slow, methodical and complex movement. Especially good for abstract imagery, mathematics, technology and science. instrumental, abstract, electric guitar, atmospheric Electronic Downtempo

speed of light

Soaring breakbeat electronica filled with galactic energy. Despite a somewhat dark and melancholic mood, the piece never stops driving with its fast-paced drums and hot guitar synth leads. instrumental, breakbeat, progressive, atmospheric, dark Electronic Dance

operative pressure

Top-secret underscore for the perfect heist. Imagine a group of high-tech thieves plotting a careful infiltration. Low-key acoustic and electronic sounds set the stage. instrumental, orchestral, subtle Electronic Underscore


Synth-funk with a driving, high-energy beat, jazzy chords, piano and synth solos and lots of modulation. An exciting blend of electronic beats with more advanced harmonies and progressions. instrumental, jazzy, electric piano, strings, disco Electronic Funk

without regret (interlude)

While brief, this melancholic piece explores the realm of the electronic and organic, mixing processed synth sounds with a hopeful acoustic piano melody. instrumental, driving, piano, processed, breakbeat Electronic Dance

the art of zen

Inspiring, emotional breakbeat electronica in the style of BT. The composition progresses through multiple moods, starting and ending with a sense of warm hope and love. Incorporates world acoustic instruments in addition to heavy electronic sounds. instrumental, ethnic, world, uplifting, happy, bre...


Quintessential underground or alternative hip hop a la Jedi Mind Tricks. A vinyl-style, sampled beat with 1940s film score-style strings and electric piano supports a dark, atmospheric mood with a slightly jazzy and hopeful feel. Ideal for urban environments. instrumental, vintage, electric piano Hi...

just hold on (feat jillian aversa)

Medium tempo vocal trance with a very organic soundscape combined with synthetic sounds. The multi-layered chorus is preceded by unique glitching and stuttering vocal FX. vocal, trance, club, processed, atmospheric Electronic Dance


A tasteful mix between smooth, summerly chillout grooves and R&B Funk. From the breezyand mellow feel of the verse part, the chorus part picks up the grooveand introduces a funk guitar. Good for holiday, travel, summer time and enjoyment.


A soothing, tranquil soundscape suited for relaxation and meditation. Gentle keyboardpatterns and textures, smooth nylon string guitar lines, soft flowing woodwindsand other sonic colours intertwine creating a calm, peaceful hypnotic environment.

2 Oriental

Atmosphere and flavour of the Orient and Far East.Suitable for Documentaries - TV - FilmHi quality

Epic Soundtrack

This is a cinematic composition with an epic vibe. stunning cello melodies accompanied by piano parts, choir sounds bring the true dramatic emotions. great as a film soundtrack, inspirational track. orchestral string sections from the middle of the track bring a lot of tension.
Yann Keerim
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