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Interviewing composer Yoyoker

Hello! Can you tell us under which name you are doing business?


Can you share your link at Themusicase music library?

Tell us something about your music background!

I studied Classical Music for 8 years in one of the most important Conservatory of Music of Cuba. When I graduated, I started to performance with several bands. Playing genres such as flamenco, jazz, rock, salsa and so on, gave me a different perspective of what I did study at School.


What drives your work, what are your passions?

My heritage give me a lot inspiration. My family and my desire to make good music.


What is your creation process like? Tell us about your working method as a composer.

The creative process always starts in different ways.Sometimes, I grab a guitar or piano and something springs out, or I just start a project directly on cubase (My DAW) and put some virtual instrument and that inspires me.

Are there any non-musical influences that inspire your composition process?

I lived a very rough time in the 90’s. At that time my country lived a terrible economic crisis and my family had to put all there recourses to support my studies. They are my main inspiration, my family. Also, everything around me give me an inspiration in some way. After I moved to New York City , every corner of this place offers me an idea.


What advice would you give to a young composer?

Everything around you can give you an inspiration. Be conscious about the details in your life. Pay attention to those details because they provide uniqueness to your music.

How can people find out more about you?

Visit to my page, follow me on Social Media and be part of my adventure.

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