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How to effectively use search in stock music library

We understand the importance of the search tools for our customers. Whether is for filmmakers, vloggers, audiobook publishers or advertising companies. Having practical, easy-to-use tools is one of our top priorities on our platform. That’s why our search engine is extremely efficient and will not be difficult to find the ideal track for your next project.


The Main Music Library Search


The first search tool that you can use on our site will always be at the top right side of your screen. This is the main search for our visitors. There you can search for:

● Keywords
● Composers
● Genres
● Track names


stock music search


This is the most simple search tool for you to start your searches on our site. By entering the word of your interest in the main search you can still sort by date, duration and price as underlined in the image below.


stock music search

Duration tool

We also know the importance of length of tracks for the most diverse projects of our clients. That is why in the upper left part of the screen you will find the tool of duration, signaled with a clock. To find out all ways to filter the duration of tracks, read the article How to find tracks of exact duration on


stock music search


You should keep in mind that with each new search in the main button the page will be reset. That is, if you search for Piano and then Classic on the main search box, these will be two different searches on the site.

Search Inside Box

That is why one of the most important search tools on our site is the search inside box.


stock music search


There you can filter in a number of ways and conduct even deeper searches on our site. This tool narrows down results and you can go into any depth you want. So if you, for example, search in the main search button Piano, add in the search inside box the word “classic” by selecting search in current results it will search for piano tracks and filter it by classics. You can enter several keywords in this box, in the example below we added also nostalgia.


stock music search themusicase


Keep in mind that you can add multiple words in the search inside box and also exclude some and still keeping your search. By filtering on keywords and topics that you find important your search will be further deepened and specific on our website.

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