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Start with 5% Off forever before your first purchase

In our Discounts & Rewards system, you have access to the most diverse tools to get discounts on your future purchases. How about starting with 5% off even before your first purchase in   Once you register with our platform you already earn 500 starting points; and each new login per day on our website earns you 10 points. That way, your starting score will be 510 points.   Keep in mind that in our discount system, you start earning discounts when you earn 600 points. With this score you unlock in your account the Welcome Badge that guarantees you a 5% discount on all your future purchases.   The most efficient way to get points in our system is to shop at For every 1 € spent you will earn 4 points in our system. This means that if you make a purchase of 100 € you will receive 400 points in your account.   However, there are several free and easy tools available on your Dashboard for you to get extra points in our system. Below we list all possible ways to guarantee you the remaining 90 points to unlock the Welcome Badge and receive the 5% discount on your first purchases instantly and permanently on our site.   (510 initial points) + Tweet about us: 150 points = 660   (510 initial points) + Share us on Facebook: 100 points = 610  

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