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How to get bigger discounts using our loyalty system

As a partner of your loyalty is very important to us. In addition to helping you promote your music, we want to reward you for being a loyal partner of our company. In this way, we create in our platform a strategy of discounts and rewards so that with each purchase the tracks are even cheaper.   You already know that the ideal song for your next project is here. In addition to our library containing hundreds of songs and offering the necessary licenses for the most diverse uses, we want to help you save on your next purchases. That’s right! How about earning discounts on all your future purchases at being more active on our platform and making our partnership even more valuable?   The success of our partners in their productions is critical to the growth of our community and is essential to the personal growth of every composer and client we work with. At we have a number of tools to make our partnership become even stricter and each buyer feel special to be part of our community.   Our Points & Rewards system is very easy to use and extremely efficient for our customers. Saving on your next purchases will be extremely easy with this post. So, read on…  

Our Points System

  Our discount system works in a very simply and quickly way. You simply accumulate points and have a discount percentage on your future purchases permanently. This means that with each new purchase made on our site your discount will continue to be valid.     600 points –   5% discount on future purchases 1,400 points – 10% discount on future purchases 2,200 points – 15% discount on future purchases 3,800 points – 20% discount on future purchases 9,000 points – 35% discount on future purchases   With each score level you reach, you unlock a Badge in your account. They are:     600 points –   5% (Welcome Badge) 1,400 points – 10% (Advanced Member) 2,200 points – 15% (Creative Member) 3,800 points – 20% (Producer Badge) 9,000 points – 35% (Platinum Member)   In addition to these badges mentioned, when you reach 12,000 points you will become a Free Music Supervisor. That means that in addition to the 35% discount on your future purchases, you will also have a mentor and guide for your next purchases and projects on our website. We at will do the searches for you!  

Exploring Your Dashboard

  Entering your Dashboard you will find the Get Discounts tool signaled with a gift icon. There you will have access to all the details of your points, such as the date and time the win happened.   In the option My Badges you will know how many points are missing for you to unlock your next badge in your account and receive even more discounts on purchases.  

Getting points

  There are several ways to accumulate points in our loyalty system. The most efficient is performing your first purchases on our website. For every 1 € spent you will earn 4 points in our system. This means that if you make a purchase of 100 € you will receive 400 points in your account. With each new purchase you make, you will continue to earn points from the final value of your purchase.   In the Get More Points option you have access to other simple tools to start earning more points for free instantly. With just a few clicks you will start to increase your score and you will already have discounts for your future purchases.   Registration (500 Points)   As soon as you register on our website you already earn 500 points in our loyalty system. When you enter your Reward Dashboard you will already see these points computed in your data with the exact date and time of the winnings.   Like us on Facebook (30 Points)   Our Facebook page is always updated with the most diverse articles on music, relationships with our clients and composers, updates of our blog and specialized content for each follow-up of our clients. There you will find news about the best use of music for the most diverse subjects related to Royalty Free Music and news focused on our clients, including you. Liking our Facebook page you will earn 40 points in your account.   Follow us on Twitter (30 Points)   In our twitter you also find the best news and tips that direct to our blog at Following our Twitter page you get 40 points.   Tweet About us (150 Points)   In your first tweet mentioning you get 150 points. That’s right! By posting a simple tweet about our site and our partnership you already earn enough points that when added to your registry you unlock the Welcome Badge, instantly guaranteeing a 5% discount for your future purchases.   Share on Facebook (100 Points)   In addition to being informative, our Facebook page is extremely relevant to you, your customers, and the partners with whom you work. Sharing our page on your Facebook will earn you 100 points in your account.   Login per day (10 Points)   Each day that you sign in to your account at you guarantee 10 points in your account. That simple! Visit us whenever possible, explore our music library, read the articles published on our blog and earn 10 points a day by simply enjoying our platform and searching for the right tracks for your next project.   Now that you know how easy it is to earn discounts on our site for your future purchases, explore all possibilities and make our partnership even stricter. In your dashboard you will find all the options and tools in an easy and detailed way. Do not waste time! Take advantage of all these options and start taking an active part in our partner community.    

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