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Hans Zimmer Master Class Review

Hans Zimmer Master Class Review wants to be the best platform to go to for world class contributors sharing their intelligence on their area of expertise. You can get lessons in any area that you are interested in. Learn Acting from Natalie Portman, Soul Guitar from Carlos Santana or cooking from Gordon Ramsay. Considering this, the pricing is actually very modest. 

Each course is comprised of 

  • Hours of interview based video lessons
  • PDFs downloadable along with each lesson
  • Homework assignments 
  • Some courses feature Q&A Sessions between students and Instructor
  • Access to ‘hub’ forums – Community of students discussing topics and sharing ideas

You can buy access to one course, or buy access to the entire collection of courses. You will get 1 year access with your purchase.


Today we will specifically be talking about the Hans Zimmer course where he gives you his insights on Film Scoring. 

Hans Zimmer is probably one of the most influential composers in Hollywood ever, especially still working today. He has 9 Oscar nomination, with 1 win for The Lion King in 1995. His IMDB page lists a further 110 awards wins and 185 nominations.

In this course, he also is a very good teacher. There is not much fluff, he is very straight forward in his delivery but has an infectious energy. He includes how to work with a composer, understanding the language they speak and the goals they’re trying to achieve.  Here are the highlights are what you are getting in the masterclass:

Lessons: 31 Videos

Attachments: Downloadable Workbook/PDF with lesson recaps and supplemental material. 

Current Rating on the website: 4.7/5

Goal: Get you to Tell a story with music

The topics he covers include: 

  • Creating simple themes
  • Working with Directors
  • Sound Palettes
  • Scoring to Picture
  • Understanding Tempo
  • Working with Orchestras
  • Thoughts on life as a Composer 
  • Plus much more

Tip: Print out the PDF workbook that is included in each section of the course. This includes things like a 6 week lesson plan breaking up the course into a digestible schedule. He also has recommended films to view alongside the course, chapter specific summaries, assignments and further resources.

Zimmer discusses specific films that he has worked on like Batman: The Dark Knight and how he scored the film. He includes recording techniques, such as having the french horn section for Batman way up above the rest of the orchestra to create a three dimensional sonic soundstage.

Zimmer talks about interesting techniques for casting techniques of musicians that he works with. He mentions how, just as any director would cast actors, he casts musicians. 


Who should take this course?

You should have experience in producing and composing music. It will be hard to follow along to the masterclass if you do not have experience with basic terms and programs. 

You don’t’ have to necessarily be interested in film scoring to take this course. It can add a huge impact to your other compositions from a world renowned composer. 

Even as a filmmaker, this course can help you better understand how music will affect the flow and energy of your film. It can help you also understand what your composer is thinking when he is laying out the score for your movie.

Having the chance to learn side by side from a professional that is top of his class for the modest price of $90 is an incredible value. 

If you are considering taking this course, you can check out the sales page here!


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