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Cinematic emotional epic theme

Optimistic emotional movie theme with nice tools and a warm atmosphere.

Cinematic dramatic big band orchestra background

Beautiful orchestral composition with descents and ascents, various instruments and dramatic atmosphere.

Emotional piano background (optimistic, inspirational, hopes)

Sorrowful emotional piano composition with a feelings atmosphere and sadden mood. Combined with dramatic, sad, social videos, slideshows, commercial projects, etc.

Dramatic episode (cinematic emotional)

An exciting emotional musical composition with piano and strings for dramatic scenes or films.

Dramatic suspense cinematic background

Disturbing dramatic background with a crying violin and the growing tense atmosphere.

Cinematic dramatic rising orchestra background

Beautiful dramatic rising orchestral background with upbeat atmosphere and a variety of tools.

Inspirational fantasy background

Beautiful acoustic background theme, giving peace of mind, inspiration and a positive attitude.

Dramatic inspirational piano (sad orchestral theme)

Sad dramatic piano theme with orchestra, which keeps in suspense from the first note until the end and the perfect backdrop for dramatic video.

Documentary piano background music

Easy documentary background music with piano, strings and bells. Suitable for any application.

Corporate motivational background

Positive motivating composition with guitars, piano, strings and percussion, creating an atmosphere of success, corporate achievements and happy mood.

Acoustic uplifting positive background

Uplifting acoustic theme with different instruments and creating a slight positive atmosphere in any scope.
Yann Keerim
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