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Getting Started - Guidance to download buy-out music

Introduction is an online platform for instant licensing of production music for use in Adverts, Films, Documentaries, Podcasts, Video Games, Websites, Youtube videos and other productions. All music is licensed Royalty Free, meaning that you pay for one track once and license it for ever with the right to use it forever.


Prices - Licenses
There are 3 types of licenses and price rates depending on media where music is to be used. License type are:

Silver License - Website background, Home productions, Online games not for sale, Podcasts
Price Range: 26 - 49 US$ (depending on track/pack )

Gold License - Local advertising, Local TV Radio, Corporate presentations
Price Range: 40 - 77 US$ (depending on track/pack )

Platinum License - Advertising, Film, Theatre, TV-Radio (National - Worldwide), Videogames
Price Range: 68 - 132 US$ (depending on track/pack )

File Delivery
Upon Purchase, all music files (WAV Format) are instantly available in your Purchased Items Page (log in required). There you also find the License Agreement and Invoice.

Packs and Tracks
Library is organized in Packs and Singles .

A Pack contains different versions of each royalty free track (30 sec, 60, sec, full mix, underscore, loops etc.). Click on each Pack title to view versions.

Purchasing a Pack you buy all contained versions.

Download Previews before purchasing
Simply use the Download Lo -fi Track under each title in library page. You will abel to download a watermarked version of the track in order to test it in your production. Upon Purchase you will be able to download the Unwatermarked WAV file.

Purchasing with Credit Card
Transactions are taking place in the secure PAYPAL website.
In case you do not have a Paypal account you do not need to create one. Just click on the option "Don't have a Paypal account?" and enter your credit card details.