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Common questions about our royalty free production music library

What does Themusicase do?

Themusicase helps people legally use music in any kind of production weather it is a home video or a Hollywood blockbuster. We have nearly 50,000 production tracks online, and with our One Off fee model and prices starting at 19$ per track, our clients are fully covered from any copyright issues when using our music in their works.  

Do i need to purchase the same track again for use in another project?

No, our licenses are Royalty Free, meaning that purchasing a track once you can use it in multiple projects without having to purchase it again.

Your licenses have a time limit?

No, you can use our tracks for unlimited time period and unlimited projects upon purchase.

I purchased a track and the one i download has different duration than the one i preview on the website.

This may happen to "LOOP" tracks. Sometimes, we let loops play up to 5 times for better audition. In case you see a difference in the duration of purchased tracks, you have purchased a loop. The track you dowload is the original loop. You can multiply this as many times as you want to get the desired duration. All our loops, loop perfectly - just multiply the loop in an audio software.

I am about to purchase a license from the website but i do not have a Paypal account.

You do not need to create a PayPal account in order to complete your payment. Just hit the Checkout Button on your Basket Page and select the "Don't have a PayPal account" in Paypal page. Enter your credit card details and your payment will be complited.

I just Purchased a license from your library. Where can i find my tracks and License?

Please visit your Purchased Items Page (log in required).

I need to test your music in my production before i purchase it.

Every member can download Lo-Fi versions of each track directly to his desktop.If you wish to download a track, simply use the Download Lo - FI button under each track in library page. You will be able to download a Lofi Watermarked MP3 version of the track before purchasing the Unwatermarked WAV track.


What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free means that you pay for our music once with the right to use it for unlimited number of years, as many times as you wish without any additional cost. Licenses sold by Royalty Free Music Libraries are Synchronization licenses.

In case of any public performance of music (website,tv-radio, film) Cue Sheets are essential (no charge for that). Upon purchase you will receive a blank Cue Sheet. If music is to be public broadcasted, (Tv, Radio, Web) we would appreciate to send it back to us. There is NO additional cost for you for filling that Cue Sheet. Performance Licenses are paid by TV - Radio stations and owners of broadcasting media AND NOT by producers. Producers need Synchronization Licenses in order to legally use music in their productions.