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Job Description is looking for Sales Representatives in countries / cities of interest. Sales representatives will be responsible for generating, analyzing and closing Custom Blanket Licenses proposals.

Custom Blanket Licenses is a fast growing service offered online by allowing clients download a predefined number of tracks for legitimate usage inside their productions. Potential Customers include production houses, advertising companies, web agencies, tv / radio stations, individual producers and any organization who is required to purchase licensed music for inclusion in productions.

Blanket licenses are designed case by case to cover each individual client needs. Whether prospects need 50 or 10,000 tracks, sales representative will be in position to design and propose a custom solution. More info here.

Sales representatives will be considered for exclusive country agency upon proved track record of sales.


  • Create impactful sales proposals for client’s needs
  • Identify qualified customers.
  • Work together with Account Manager and clients to design, deliver and support needs relevant to custom blanket licenses.
  • Organize sales team to cover market demand.