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Happy Uplifting

Inspirational pop track with a catchy horn melody and memorable piano, bass, and catchy drums. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

Strings Electronic

Uptempo, dramatic, rhythmic electronic track featuring memorable synth string melody, driving synth bass, catchy drum beats, and EDM FX. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement. Works fine as background for narration. Builds from a sparse arrange...

Space Cowboy

Simple, joyful, emotional and motivational: An acoustic instrumental with a beat perfect for reality shows, corporate videos, movies, jingles, video intros, or commercials, and voiceovers. Happy, moving, unique track. Very distinctive combination of classic acoustic guitar and Dobro music wi...

Stranger Than That

This mysterious suspenseful track uses vintage analog synths to evoke emotions, starting slowly and building to a huge percussion and synth crescendo. Inspired by Survive, Trent Reznor, Junkie XL, and Steve Reich, this song has a classic sound that is very modern. Suspense, tension, surprise, di...

Surprise Suspense

Gripping synth builds to a surprise ending. Great for reveals, revelations, scenes where you want the audience's attention focused on a word or phrase. Simple, emotional, motivational and slightly ominous. Electronic music soundbed for reality show, movies, corporate, seminar, jingles, video i...

Suspense Ending

Tension, suspense, drama, action - if you need to really emphasize a word or action, this track will set it up beautifully. Analog synths with a strong rhythm and atmosphere - Stranger Things have happened.


Building tension, fear, suspense, surprise? Hypnotic rhythmic synth bass starts sparsely and builds to a huge pad and string dynamic ending. Car chase, fight scene, travel, driving, argument - anywhere you need to build up to dramatic climax. Perfect for reality shows, ads, action shows, dramas...

Tex Mex Dance

Mexican dance band playing an uptempo accordion instrumental. Great for film score, video, tv, demo reel, corporate, advertising.

Good Times

A positive, upbeat and inspirational Pop-Rock tune. Great for corporate presentations, Day Time TV and commercials.

Fashion Queenz

An uplifting and positive House track. Great for fashion shows and runway presentations.


Halloween scary music in the style of dubstep. Featuring suspense-dark feel and frightening effects. I hope to scare you!

Spooky Halloween Trailer

A spooky halloween trailer with strings, harp, theremin, church organ, brass, choir, harpsichord and a nervous xylophone. Have fun!

70s Dance

70's dance band. Authentic seventies dance music with organ, clavinet, bass, drums. Not quite disco, not quite rock. Good dance beat. The background in every bar from that era. Scenes: dancing, walking, running, driving, relationships, the 70's, the 80's, live music. Perfect soundbed fo...

Final Battle

Uptempo repetitive vintage synth pattern with dramatic percussion. Stranger Things. Scenes: battle, fight, drama, tension, suspense, driving, running, argument. Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, dramas, jingles, videos, commercials, and voiceovers.

In The Distance

Ominous grand piano, wistful Dobro (acoustic slide guitar), and a classic synth bed background makes this track complex enough to be interesting but subtle enough to fit under the action. Try it for building tension, suspense, wide open spaces, desert, beach, sky, and highway scenes. Emotionsv i...
Yann Keerim