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Reinvent Your Imagination

This spherical, relaxing piece suitable perfect for science, technology, documentation, universe scenes and many more. Let's a lot of space for fantasy.

Funny Running

Happy playful breakbeat / Easy Listening with a groovy baseline, funky synths and warm rhodes. Conveys a positive carefree feeling.

Sports Adventure

An energetic, action packed sports adventure track with driving drums, synths and orchestra. Great for sports events, challenges, trailers, games, promos, podcasts, chase scenes and projects that needs a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack.

Whistle Hey

This is a new light rock pop country music or background music "Whistle Hey" which contain great fun and joyful mood, whistling sound notes, great guitars and positive, happy optimistic atmosphere. Well suited for childrens, kids, advertising, corporate, background music.


We are present our new instrumental fashion music, soothing and trendy Lounge. This instrumental background music filled with wonderful relaxing and smooth sounds, soothing piano, soft keys chords and relaxation mood. This style of music always well suited for many different activities and backgroun...

Countdown Loop

We are present our new countdown loop background music. This countdown music loop well suited for many different activities and background music in TV, game music, game loop, news, count out, expectance and expectancy, broadcast news, radio, post cards, slide show and time laps music, youtube backgr...


We are glad to introduce you a new trendy optimistic music oriented for inspiration and motivation activities or advertising and TV. Inspirationmodern soothing background music that includes a nice light guitar strumming, mellow claps, mellow rock guitar lead backgrounds, beautiful soothing piano sh...

Ambience Space

We are present our new abstract dreamy electronic instrumental ambient “Ambience Space”. This is a dance chillout atmospheric, soothing and trendy filled with wonderful relaxing and smoothing synthesizers sounds and harmonys, soft keys chords and relaxation atmospheric ambient mood. This...


by kubed
A deep, soulful house track, featuring hypnotic baselines, club beats, dreamy pads and synths, percussion and sparse female vocals. Atmospheric and groovy track for the late night clubbers. It can work great for fashion shows, aerobics, dancing promos, retail sales and youth targeted brands.

Triumphant Fanfares

An uplifting fanfare performed by powerful french horns and orchestra. For triumphant film scene and presentation.

401 Medieval Knights

An epic and dynamic orchestral track with a medieval taste for video-games and movies.

398 Final Race

A very energetic hybrid track, with electronic sounds and dark mood.

397 Mysterious AC2

A mysterious and intriguing track for video-games, TV Shows and Advertising.

396 Epic Love

This orchestral piece gets the dramatic energy and tender of an epic love. Strings and brasses get the strength to lead to a very effective, and a bit sad and dramatic end.
Yann Keerim