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Quirky Investigation Stinger C

Quirky cue, featuring pizzicato strings and marimba with a solo clarinet playing the melody. Some woodwinds and Brass add in the second part. A spirit of light comedic tension & mischief making, this sneaky piece has a flavour like Desperate Housewives , it's perfect for dramedy, reality TV, childre...

Hands Up

by kubed
Electro,Moombah-step track with aggressive synths,distorted synth-bass and tight drum sounds.Groovy and danceable,brings in mind Skrillex,Datsik and other modern EDM,Dubstep producers.


by kubed
Dubstep,breakbeat track with great dynamics and uplifting spirit.Featuring punchy beats,driving bass-lines and bright,melodic synths.Modern production values

Crime Scene

by kubed
Dubstep track with bright synths,punchy drums and driving synth-bass.Elegant and melodic,yet strong and energetic.

Planet X

by kubed
Dubstep track with strong,punchy beats,driving synth-bass and uplifting lead synth-lines.Modern production values,energetic and dynamic mood.


Funk piece of music, energetic and engaging, featuring wah guitars, basses, drums, trumpet and a kind of a organ. Suitable for advertising, podcasts, presentations, software and more.


Relaxing lounge house tune with nice real housey bass put through warm analogue with lush rhode chords and delicious drums and claps.


A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind. Great for many different types of projects for the way it was designed.

Party Lounge

A upbeat lounge tune with catchy rhode piano, crisp contemporary drums, and rolling bass.

Dubstep Ident

Short powerful bassy dubstep logo track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.

Dubstep Logo

Short powerful bassy dubstep logo track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.

By Your Side

This heartfelt melody ensures that happiness is imminent, ideal for wedding ceremony scenes or similar love-related story-lines ,this track also have a nice acoustic guitars and cool ukulele strumming, for a nice and special moment with really positive and sweet vibe for a great and sweet ads, comme...


by kubed
This hip-hop track features modern beats,electro synths and vocal fx.Dramatic mood,building in tension with the help of strings' stabs and minimal orchestral elements.


by kubed
Dubstep trackwith punchy beats,dark pads & strings,deep bass and electro synths.The pads create a dark,suspenseful atmosphere that leads to a bright,euphoric chorus part.Melodic yet strong structure.

Fly Away

by kubed
Electro House track with great energy and modern production values.It has electric guitar riffs,blended with powerful synths,driving bass-lines and strong house beats.The mood is uplifting and posotive,perfect for dancefloors or workout/aerobics.


by kubed
Dubstep track with driving synths,punchy beats and wobble bass stabs.Aggressive track with melodic elements and modern production values.

No Need To Explain - Loop 1

A romantic classical loop with piano. Suitable for podcasts, advertising, youtube and other media applications. The loop is based on my track "No Need To Explain".

No Need To Explain

A romantic classical piece, featuring piano, tuba, violin, cello and drums (and a synth pad). Suitable for broadcasts, tv shows, youtube and other applications.

Red Carpet (Long Loop)

This is a perfectly seamless loop (Long version) of an extremely versatile track, great for any production requiring a classy, sophisticated mood with a positive, uplifting character. Make sure to check out the full version in our portfolio.

Memories Of My Childhood (Loop)

This is a perfectly seamless loop of MEMORIES OF MY CHILDHOOD, a sweet, mellow track with piano, baritone ukulele, synth and jazzy brushed drums. An interesting blend of classic and modern sounds. Very melodic and cinematic. Perfect as background music for sentimental or nostalgic videos and media. ...
Yann Keerim