Jacob Segal Profile : 149 tracks

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Blues Rock Hip Hop

A delicious blues-rock influenced hip hop that is very upbeat and hard to ignore. Recorded with real guitar and bass and with a touch of warm tape.

Funky Commercial

A funky 30-second commercial tune with clean guitar and rhodes to provide a a swingy groove feeling.

Upbeat Lounge

A upbeat lounge tune with catchy rhode piano, crisp contemporary drums, and rolling bass.

Rock Commercial

A great upbeat and energetic rocky commercial track lasting 30 seconds. Strong and effective to bring excitement for your project.

Lounge Commercial

A positive feel 30 second track lounge commercial track with real guitar and piano.

Funk Lounge

A upbeat lounge tune with rolling drums and catchy bass, progressive and original!

Melancholic Symphony

A bittersweet mysterious melancholic orchestral track, purely strings and a little bell.

Calm Corporate Technology

A relaxing positive track with a spacey feel and clean electric guitar.

Corporate Electro Commercial

a upbeat 30-second electro-corporate inspired track great for all your corporate needs.

Solaris Ambient

A interesting sci-fi soundscape that draws in your mind. With interesting acoustic instruments. Suits well with film and video games.

Trip Hop Downtempo Loop

A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding guitar all under a nostalgic feeling.

Smooth Lounge Loop

A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy upbeat drums, and soothing funky bass guitar.

Aggressive Breakbeat Loop

A cool breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.

Ambient Technology Loop

A technological music loop with electronic percussion and ambient synthesizers across the track.

Upbeat Downtempo Loop

A fun downtempo loop with sound flavors of dub reggae music and upbeat breaks.

Chill Hip Hop Loop

A smooth and mellow hip hop loop able track in the underground style with a vinyl feel.

Reggae Dub Loop

A chilling downtempo loop in the style of dub reggae.

Lounge Downtempo Loop

Upbeat looped lounge tune with nice real housey bass put through warm analogue with lush rhode chords and delicious drums.

Balkan Gypsy Loop

A upbeat and happy dance track with horns and gypsy styled rhodes and guitar.

Bright Corporate Loop

This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring a ukulele type acoustic guitar along with a simple whistling melody. Perfect for background music for presentations that needs to promote happiness and lightheartedness.

Electro Loop

A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.
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