Jacob Segal Profile : 137 tracks

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Glitch Hop Logo

A glitchy logo with modern electronic sounds, beeps and pops and drums.

New Start

A happy easy-going motivational song in a melodic techno style that gives a person a feeling of a new beginning.

Sentimental Melancholy

A sentimental and thought provoking composition with strings and bell.

Inspiring New Life

An inspiring orchestral corporate motivational song also with electronic instruments and calm drums

Mall Lounge

A relaxing, warm, and smooth lounge track with chilling rhodes and head moving drums.

Glitch Logo

A glitchy hard hitting logo that is perfect for your logo and ident short sequences and short intros.

Chill Hip Hop

A smooth and mellow hip hop track in the underground style with a vinyl feel.

Sentimental Dramatic

An orchestral track that starts with soothing strings and sentimental piano that grows into an epic dramatic film score.

Ambient Glitch Logo

An ambient glitchy logo that is perfect for your logo and ident short sequences and short intros.

Glitchy Dubstep Logo

A quick hard hitting and glitch influenced modern dubstep logo track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.

Uplifting Dreams

A song that starts with a heavenly piano with electronic percussion that builds up into a dramatic sequence accompanied by a string orchestra.

Happy Corporate Commercial

A positive upbeat 30-second track with guitar with a good mood great for infusing a little bit of happiness.

Corporate Information Technology

A informational inspired tune with real bass guitar and electric guitar throughout that track.

Cinematic Film Noir

Cinematography film track with a dark twist. With electric guitar, horns, big drums, and rhodes.

Cinematic Post Rock

A modern styled cinematic tune recorded with real bass guitar and electric guitar. Dark, a little lonely, and dramatic.

Deep Punchy Breakbeat

A punchy stylish drum n bass influenced breakbeat track with high energy with stylish drums and rocky bass.

Lounge Man Loop

A chilling looped lounge tune with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a smooth bass.

Happy Acoustic Guitar

This is a carefree and happy jingle with a focus on acoustic guitar strumming.

Lounge House Commercial

A 1 minute funky loungy and electro beat that will bring your spirits up. A positive feel track with real sounding bass and a soulful house feel. Great to get that head moving!

Ethereal Film Music with Voice

A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with original voice.

Bossa Nova Lounge

A chilled out lounge tune in the bossa nova style with keys, nice crisp drums and cool bass guitar.
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