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Sell Royalty Free Music to your clients & visitors – A new revenue stream

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Royalty Free Music licensing is a rapidly growing indystry, as there are thousands of new media (YouTube videos, Games, Websites, Apps and more) where licensed music is vital.

If your business or website is in any way related with music licenses, then our new affiliate widget could be a significant revenue stream for you. Let your clients license music directly from the Licensing Widget and earn your commission fee.

Widget can also be used by website owners or bloggers that just want to try a new source of income.


  • On Hold system providers
  • Photo libraries
  • Online video communities
  • Podcast portals
  • Game portals
  • Blogs / websites that just want to offer this service to their visitors and enjoy a new revenue stream.

Just pick tracks from library, and copy paste the source code into your website / blog. The widget can also host your company logo.

Contact us at info(at)themusicase.com to learn more about using our custom widget in your business.


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