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How to pay with PayPal without PayPal account

We have been asked this question a thousand times. As users reach the checkout page and land on PayPal website to complete payment, they struggle to find out if they can process their order without creating a PayPal account.

So here is the situation:

Does PayPal allow payments without PayPal account?

Yes, it does. PayPal allows users to checkout with their Credit Card or Debit Card without having to own or create a PayPal account.

How can i Checkout without creating PayPal account?

When landing on PayPal page choose the option “Pay with debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later”. Creating a PayPal account after your transaction is optional.

See Snaphot

Problem! PayPal does not allow me to pay when i enter my email!

Here is the catch: PayPal does not allow to proceed to checkout (on Debit or Credic Card mode) IF YOU ARE USING AN EMAIL ALREADY CONNECTED WITH AN EXISTING PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

It has happened many times with customers, simply because there was anoher PayPal account connected with their email. In case this is the situation either try to login to your PayPal account (there is one for sure, and the email is the one you are already using so just try to recover your password) -or- use a differnet email.



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